Best Places to Meet Men in Toronto

Canadian Tire Toronto
Hardware Store Toronto
Canadian Tire Toronto
Hardware Store Toronto

Toronto is a huge city with many exciting things to do and so much to offer, but many women may find themselves asking, “Where can I meet a nice guy?” Assuming you’re turned off dating websites and have had enough phony bar chats, you will find many opportunities to meet men in Toronto; the trick is to think like a man i.e. where would a man go for entertainment?

Coffee Shops in Toronto

Skip the Tim Horton’s type in and out java stops and head for more relaxed indie cafes like the Rooster Coffee House on Broadview or the linuxcaffe at 326 Harbord Street. Many of these coffee places attract regulars and many creatures of habit will go to the same place at the same time so if you see someone you like, you’ll have a greater chance of seeing them again. Be sure to bring a book (not a newspaper) – and one that has hit the New York Times Bestseller list is even better – so that you can nonchalantly wave the cover around. People who have read the same book will often pipe up about it. (It happens on the subway.)

Driving Ranges Toronto

This isn’t going to work if you truly hate golf, but if you don’t, it’s worth checking out. Most Toronto driving ranges have at least a 70:30 ratio of men-to-women. If you need instruction on your golf swing, it’s very easy to ask for help from your driving range neighbour and you can be sure that men golfers will be more than willing to provide advice. Try the Polson Pier Driving Range at The Docks.

Sports Bars Toronto

If you can manage to get in to the Real Sports Bar and Grill at 15 York Street in Toronto, you’ll find the place is about 80% men. You may have a hard time diverting their attention from the largest HD TV screen in Canada, but if you do, your odds are really good.

Curling Clubs Toronto

Curling by Bjarte Hetland
Olympic Curling by Bjarte Hetland

Curling is a sport that lends itself well to mixed teams as the sport does not rely so much on strength. Curling is relatively inexpensive and has enjoyed a rise in popularity due to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Unlike other team sports, curling provides opportunities to chat while playing the game. Check out the East York Curling Club or the Royal Canadian Curling Club.

Sailing Lessons Toronto

Even if you or your friends don’t own a sailboat, sailing is a great skill to learn to meet men. Once you’ve passed the Canadian Yachting Association course, you can become a desperately sought after crew member at one of Toronto’s yachting clubs or receive many invitations from new acquaintances to go out on the water and assist them with the sail. In addition, many Toronto sailing clubs offer mixed group lessons.

Hardware Stores Toronto

Many men, single and married, visit the hardware store several times a month. In fact, if you are a woman and go into a Toronto hardware store, you’ll receive a lot of attention because there simply aren’t that many women in there. Don’t go in and head for the pots and pans section; suck it up and head straight into male territory e.g. the auto parts section, the paint section, or the bathroom fixtures section and be prepared to ask a few questions such as “How do I apply caulking to my bathtub?” or “What do I need to remove wallpaper?” The Canadian Tire at Bay and Dundas is a good option, particularly at lunch during the week when many office workers drop by.