Decorate Your Patio with Fire Pots from Blue Banana

Fire Pots at Blue Banana Market
Fire Pots for the Patio
Fire Pots at Blue Banana Market
Fire Pots for the Patio

Do you want to bring a little of the cottage ambiance back to your city patio? Then consider buying a fire pot from Blue Banana Market in Kensington Market. Although not quite as rustic as a campfire, these ceramic fire pots, which sell for $29.95-$34.95, can replace patio lanterns to give more light and a natural element to your backyard deck.  The firepots, which are smoke- and soot-free, are safe enough to be used indoors.

If you haven’t been to Blue Banana Market, you’re in for a surprise. This Augusta Avenue store sells a wide variety of goods from a collection of vendors, some of whom appear on the weekends. A recent visit to the store revealed items including a great selection of handbags in a rainbow of colours, scarfs, funky kitchen accessories, unique houseware gifts, designer clothing, casual footwear for adults and children, jewellery, skincare products, eco-conscious toys, African drums, gourmet food, British products and candy, and items for the man in your life. Prices are reasonable and the best part is you won’t see this product selection at your local mall. It’s also a good store to remember when you need to buy a housewarming gift, office gift, or just something special for yourself.

Blue Banana Market, 250 Augusta Avenue (south of College St. W., one street west of Spadina Ave.), 416-594-6600.

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