Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Dressy white sweater from Bebe
Winter white sweater from Bebe
Merino Wool Ladies' Sweaters from Banana Republic
Women’s Merino wool cardigans from Banana Republic

If you’re a Toronto guy who gets lost among the various women’s clothing stores at the Toronto Eaton Centre while shopping for the perfect holiday gift for the woman in your life, we have your back.

If you’re looking for a can’t miss holiday gift, then start with a Merino wool sweater. Whether your significant other is a career woman or working housewife, she’ll definitely find this item useful to pair with skirts or pants. The purple and lilac shades shown work well with black or grey bottoms. These Merino wool sweaters are available at Banana Republic on the upper level of Toronto Eaton Centre near Harry Rosen and sell for $85.

Sleeveless Blouse from BCBGMaxazria
Sleeveless champagne blouse from BCBGMaxazria







Patterned Wrap Dress from BCBGMaxazria
Wrap dress from BGBG Maxazria

This champagne blouse dresses up a brown or black suit or can simply be worn with a black or off white cardigan and black bottom. The detailing on the blouse gives it extra style. This elegant champagne shade looks particularly good on women who have a slightly darker skin tone. You’ll find this sleeveless blouse at BCBGMaxazria retailing for $178 on the upper level of Toronto Eaton Centre near the walkway entrance to the Bay.

This patterned wrap dress from BCBGMaxazria is a versatile gift for women as it can be worn at work or out for drinks or dinner. This style of dress is most suitable to women who are medium- to small-busted and who have a relatively flat stomach as there is no place to hide a few extra pounds in this number. The wrapped dress retails for $226.


Light Grey Coat from Club Monaco
Women’s wool coat with faux fur collar at Club Monaco.

If you are daring and know your wife or girlfriend’s size and taste, go all out  and wrap her up in this 70s revival faux-fur-collar wool coat from Club Monaco. This light grey coat, which moves in the opposite direction of the boring black we see so often in winter, will look great on youthful, slim women as it is quite form fitting and would suit a pair of knee-high brown leather boots. Even if your gal has an everyday work coat, the addition of this coat to her wardrobe is pure fun, especially for heading out on cold Toronto nights. The coat retails for $389 and was seen at Club Monaco on the upper level of Toronto Eaton Centre near the Sears store.


Dressy white sweater from Bebe
Winter white sweater from Bebe







This winter white sweater from Bebe is a silk and wool blend that will look great over a black skirt or skinny jeans. The silk sheen gives it a bit of glamour for holiday parties. The sweater retails for $85 and was seen at Bebe on the upper level of Toronto Eaton Centre right across from Indigo Books, midway between Sears and the Bay.

Purple leather gloves from Banana Republic
Grape leather gloves from Banana Republic

Maybe you’ve already bought your significant other a big item and you’re looking for something smaller to round out your purchases. You’ll never go wrong giving your woman a new pair of leather gloves, especially in colours she may not have. Leather gloves are easily lost or ruined by cold weather use and need replacing every few years. Even if your lady has a decent black pair, she’ll love another pair in grape or leopard print. These purple leather gloves were spotted at Banana Republic on the upper level of the Toronto Eaton Centre right beside Harry Rosen, which is midway between The Bay and Sears. The leather gloves retail for $85.

Beaded Clutch Purse from Club Monaco
Clutch purse from Club Monaco






This funky clutch purse, with beaded design in neutral colours, will go with the sequined dresses and tanks that are popular this season. It’s also larger than many clutches so her cell phone, brush, cosmetics and credit cards should all fit. The clutch purses were seen at Club Monaco on the upper level of Toronto Eaton Centre near the Sears store and retail for $139.

White Wool Women's Jacket from Banana Republic
Off White Wool Jacket from Banana Republic

This double-breasted women’s wool jacket from Banana Republic puts a spin on the typical office blazer with its surprising off-white colour that makes it dressy enough for after hours. This jacket will look good on most body shapes, although it is particularly good for pear-shaped women as double-breasted cuts add balance to heavier bottoms. Additionally, women with pear body shapes are advised to wear lighter tops and darker bottoms. This jacket retails for $240.

Grape Women's Sweater from Banana Republic
Grape Sweater from Banana Republic






This grape Merino wool rosette cardigan, seen at Banana Republic, will look gorgeous with gray dresses or skirts. You’ll also find it in wild cherry. It’s a perfect addition to any wardrobe because it can be mixed and matched with pants, skirts and dresses. The sweater retails at Banana Republic for $110.

Well, that’s it guys. Good luck with your shopping!

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