Whole Life Expo Takes Place Nov. 25-27, 2011

Homeopath Bryce Wylde
Bryce Wylde of CP24's Wylde on Health
Homeopath Bryce Wylde
Bryce Wylde of CP24’s Wylde on Health

Visiting the 25th annual Whole Life Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will open you up to a whole new [healthier] world. The natural health exhibition features vendors showcasing natural foods, supplements, natural skin and body care remedies and holistic health therapies, as well as speakers on a variety of topics such as natural treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease, how not to take on other people’s energy, how to grow sprouts, the importance of iodine in the diet and how to detoxify your pets.

Bryce Wylde of CP24’s Wylde on Health will broadcast his show on Fri., Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. live at the expo, with expert guests discussing the latest natural health products. Attendance at the Wylde on Health show requires a $25 VIP pass that you can purchase at the door. Dr. Cass Ingram will be talking about the anti-aging effects of birch bark, wild greens, wild berries and wild chaga in a lecture on Saturday.Kristen Ma, owner of Pure and Simple, will explain how diet, herbs and skin care can reduce rosacea and skin sensitivity. On Sunday, Dr. Ingram will highlight the connection between your body shape and heart disease and Cancer and how you can weaken this correlation by adopting the Body Shape Diet.

Aura Photo by Ray Faucher of Aura Photos by First Star
Aura photo by Ray Faucher of Aura Photos by First Star

Want to know the colour of your aura and what it says about your unresolved issues? You’ll want to stop by Rainbow Star Aura Photos at Booth 89 or Aura Photos by First Star at Booth 257 where you can have an aura photo taken that will show your aura and chakra colours, as well as a personalized analysis. [A silver aura indicates spiritual and physical wealth.] If you have reactions to certain foods, Red Paw Health Services at Booth 118 will provide you with a computerized dermal screening for food sensitivities.

Is your memory not as good as it used to be? Try 100% pure wild blueberry juice sold at Van Dyk’s Juice Products at Booth 209. Recent research on this super anti-oxidant demonstrated that people who drank 16-20 ounces of blueberry juice a day gained improved memory and learning ability. If the raw food diet has you intrigued, Upaya Naturals at Booth 210 and 211 will be selling raw superfoods, kelp noodles, spiralizers, blenders, juicers and sprouters to get you started. You can also stop by Sproutgrowers at Booth 13 to purchase sprout growing kits.

Take a nutrition break during the show and stop by the Cruda Cafe at Booth 242 for raw, vegan and organic food or check out Kensington Market’s own King’s Cafe at Booth 231 for vegetarian Dim Sum, soy drumsticks, fried rice and stir fried vegetables.

Yoga enthusiasts can peruse the selection of workout gear at Funky Buddha Yoga at Booth 11, which includes hemp, bamboo and organic clothing. If you’ve ever been fascinated with gems and minerals, you’ll enjoy learning about the purported healing effects of stones and crystals from Crystal Palace Gems & Minerals at Booth 18. Does your face need a little lift? Check out Fresh Start OxyLift at Booth 154 for a non-surgical facelift that works by stimulating skin cells.

Sandra Moon Dancer, photo by Tim Leyes
Sandra Moon Dancer, photo by Tim Leyes

Are you feeling that you’re on the wrong path or not fulfilling your true potential? Sandra Moon Dancer, a White Lotus master, energy teacher and shaman, uses techniques from First Nations wisdom circles and Buddhist White Lotus to help you access your heart’s wisdom and guide you to make better choices and will be speaking on this topic on Saturday at 3:30 p.m in Lecture Hall 104. You can also visit her at Centre of Circlewisdom at Booth 109.

The Whole Life Expo hours are Friday 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets, which may be purchased at the door, are $25 for a VIP pass, which allows access to the Wylde on Health show and all lectures and exhibits. Weekend Lecture pass is $15 and permits access to all lectures while a Weekend Exhibit Pass is $10.

Hurom Juicer at Upaya Naturals
Hurom Juicer at Upaya Naturals