Seven Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

47 Brand Knit Hat with Leafs Logo
47 Brand Knit Hat with Primary Logo
The Body Shop's Cranberry Joy Hand Cream
Cranberry Joy Hand Cream at the Body Shop

With seven days left to go before Christmas Eve, you may find yourself frantically thinking of ideas for your loved one’s Christmas stocking. Hopefully, you’ve already bought the big gifts, but if not, here are some Christmas gift ideas for women. If your creative juices are completely drained, you may want to consider some of these Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. You’ll be able to find these products at Toronto stores and they shouldn’t break the bank. Many of these ideas would also work for Secret Santa parties at the office.

Hand Cream

Everyone needs hand cream in the Great Canadian North. The Body Shop is featuring a special holiday line called Cranberry Joy. Their Cranberry Joy Hand Cream for $10 is festive and contains no parabens. Check out the Body Shop’s Hemp Seed Hand Oil for guys which retails for $12 and is a natural emollient for dry skin.

Kitchen Accessories at Kensington Market
Kitchen Accessories at Blue Banana Market


Kitchen Accessories

Heaven knows that even if you’re not a gourmet cook, you’ll need to replace some of those kitchen gadgets on a yearly basis. If your partner takes culinary matters seriously, you may want to swing by the Blue Banana Market at 250 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market and head for their kitchen accessories section. You’ll find the funkiest cheese graters, garlic presses and ice cream scoops that would make even Julia Child crack up.

Beanie with Maple Leafs Logo
47 Brand Beanie with Leafs Logo

Toronto Maple Leafs Hats

Both of these hats will score with your significant other. The man’s beanie, which sells for $19.99, proudly boasts the blue-and-white while the woman’s knitted cap at $24.99 is just plain adorable. You’ll have to slip out of work and head down to Real Sports Apparel at 15 York Street to snag these, but your partner’s undying adoration should be worth it.

Bailey's Original Irish Cream Liqueur
Bailey’s Original Irish Cream 200 ml

Stocking-Sized Liqueur

Who wouldn’t love a little nip of Bailey’s Original Irish Cream before the festivities start? The 200 ml. size of Bailey’s, which sells for $9.95 at the LCBO, is small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking and just enough for several drinks for two.

Honk if You Love OPI Nail Polish
‘Honk if You Love OPI’ Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish

OPI nail polishes cost a bit more, but they’re worth it because when applied, they go on smoothly. Dark wines and grapes such as the shade pictured (‘Honk if You Love OPI’) are the go-to colours this season, unless your gal is the more modest type who opts for nude or pale pink shades. You’ll find OPI nail polish at Trade Secret, as well as at some Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Expect to pay about $10-$12 a bottle.

Golf Balls

If your significant other is a golfer, he (or she) can never have enough golf balls. Golf Town is currently offering a 12 pack of TaylorMade TP Black Golf Balls for $29.98 reduced from $44.99. Now this admittedly may be more than you want to pay for a stocking stuffer, but isn’t it worth it if it means your loved one can lower his handicap and enjoy the game more?

47 Brand Knit Hat with Leafs Logo
47 Brand Knit Hat with Primary Logo

Coffee Beans

Who doesn’t love a cup of java on Christmas morning. Second Cup’s Holiday Blend Coffee is a medium dark blend that is full-bodied, smooth and sweet. This limited edition coffee sells for $16.95 for 454 g. Your guy or gal can have it with the Bailey’s later on in the day.