Where to Order Gourmet Food in Toronto

Beef Bourguignon at All The Best Fine Foods
Beef Bourguignon at All The Best Fine Foods
Gourmet Food Catering at Peartree Restaurant
Catering from Peartree Restaurant

During Christmas and New Year’s, many people enjoy entertaining at home after exhausting the holiday party circuit. If you’re not up to cooking a gourmet meal for 10, but want to put on a spread that is a few notches above calling 967-1111, you may want to consider ordering in from some of Toronto’s gourmet food stores and restaurants who cater.

Peartree Restaurant

Peartree Restaurant at 507 Parliament Street, 416-962-8190, offers a catering menu for five people that includes appetizers such as crab cake platter ($40), Caesar salad ($25), warm mushroom and goat cheese salad ($45), roasted butternut squash soup ($20) and main meal platters including AAA New York striploin ($80), tenderloin of beef steak ($90), T-bone steak ($90), grilled lamb chops ($80), breast of chicken chausseur ($70) and grilled Atlantic salmon ($70). Platters come with fresh vegetables and rice or potato. Desserts for five people include carrot cake ($22.50), chocolate mousse cake ($22.50) and apple caramel pie ($17.50). Peartree prefers 24 hour’s notice when ordering.

Gourmet Cuisine Toronto

Gourmet Cuisine, 416-461-5890,  requires a minimum of 15 guests and 48 hours’ notice when ordering from their menu. At $24.45 per guest, you can select from their holiday menu that includes artisanal breads, butter lettuce with carrots, onion and celery, chickpea salad with sundried tomatoes, parsley and lemon, sliced top sirloin with Yorkshire pudding, horseradish and gravy, mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, eggplant and zucchini fricasee and carrot cake. For $29.50 per person, you can get an authentic Christmas dinner of turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, honey-glazed ham, Waldorf salad, scalloped potatoes, root vegetables and pumpkin pie tarts.


Pusateri's in Yorkville by Epn
Pusateri’s in Yorkville by Epn

You’ll find high-end cuisine for your dinner party at Pusateri’s at its three Toronto locations at 1539 Avenue Rd., 57 Yorkville Ave. and Bayview Village Shopping Centre, 416-785-9100. You can purchase their buffet platters at a cost per person or per platter. The Pacific Rim platter ($69) includes grilled mango, vegetable and avocado rice paper wraps, shrimp spring rolls and chicken satays and feeds 8-10 people. Grilled salmon with teriyaki, sesame seed and scallion glaze is $19 per person while smoked salmon is $11 per person. Hot hors d’oeuvres that require a minimum order of two dozen pieces include mini foie gras burgers and lobster bisque with brandy crème fraiche. Vegetarian sushi platters with 36 pieces are $65 while regular sushi platters are $90.

All The Best Fine Foods

Located at 1101 Yonge Street, All The Best Fine Foods, 416-928-3330, offers special holiday meals including a classic Christmas dinner of free range turkey with apple and sage stuffing and pan gravy, maple squash puree, green beans with almonds, potato parsnip mash and cranberry compote for $19.95 per person. One pot dishes that serve between 10 and 12 people include Coq au Vin ($89.95), a dish with tender chicken in red wine sauce with mushrooms, bacon, onion, shallots, carrots and celery, beef bourguignon ($ and green curry chicken ($69.95).

Beef Bourguignon at All The Best Fine Foods
Beef Bourguignon at All The Best Fine Foods