Are You Vegan or Vegetarian Curious?

Apple, photo by Andrew Barron
Apple, photo by Andrew Barron
Apple, photo by Andrew Barron
Apple, photo © Andrew Barron

By Sheri DeCarlo

Learn how to implement a green lifestyle without becoming 100% vegan or vegetarian at the first “I Am A Healthy Vegan Detox Day” taking place at 918 Bathurst Centre in Toronto on Saturday, February 18, 2012.

“I Am A Healthy Vegan Detox Day” is a hands-on introduction for those interested in learning more about green living, purification, and cleansing while raising personal energy levels. The day will provide insight into how it’s possible to implement green living changes and not necessarily be 100% vegan or vegetarian. You will be able to sample organic juices, teas and enjoy vegan foods. Also, you will learn which simple, inexpensive items and detox techniques can leave you cleansed and purified. It is the first of many budget-friendly, related seminars to be held across Ontario.

Wellness educator and practitioner, Deborah Allen, believes there’s a need to educate the public on the green lifestyle so people can understand what they are doing in order to do it properly. “I love what I do now,” she says. “I was in the corporate world for a long time and I want to share with people just how good I feel living a green lifestyle because I truly want them to live their best life ever. People were coming to me saying my daughter is trying to be vegan and I’m really worried about her, because she’s not eating anything or eating very little. That’s not being vegan, vegetarian or even transition, that’s just poor eating habits combined with little knowledge.”

For those interested in how to get the best quality out of a health food store, and where to find the best value in the city, Allen offers free weekly teleconference calls in which she answers questions on vegan and vegetarian nutrition issues, green living and transitioning from the Standard Canadian Diet.

Fruits and vegetables, photo by jeltovski
Fruits and vegetables, photo by jeltovski

“A lot more people are going into health food stores today and sometimes the people selling the products are not properly trained, let alone ‘walking the talk’ of a green lifestyle; instead they are just ‘running a business’; this leaves customers confused when they ask questions expecting quality answers. Many times they end up leaving with a product that is not suitable for their needs,” says Allen. “As health practitioners, we need to step up our game and take client education seriously. As in any industry, some practitioners need to act with more integrity, even ‘pay it forward’; many practitioners do, but a few more wouldn’t hurt.”

Allen believes it’s important for people seeking well-being not to get caught in the marketing of products or services that may have elements that don’t suit their needs. “I feel it’s important to empower people so they can stay on their path and not get taken in. Wellness is a trillion dollar industry, catering from yoga to health food stores, and let’s just say not everyone is a ‘wellness person’ in that industry and people need to know the difference.”

“I Am A Healthy Vegan Detox Day” is on Saturday, February 18, from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 for the day and are available at the door or by email.


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