Ontario’s Premier Children’s Entertainer: Erick Traplin

Children's entertainer Erick Traplin, photo by Joe Martz
Erick Traplin, photo by Joe Martz
Children's entertainer Erick Traplin, photo by Joe Martz
Erick Traplin, photo by Joe Martz

By Melissa Martz

Looking at a sea of toddlers and preschoolers dancing at a Tuesday morning children’s concert at The Kitchener Market in Kitchener, Ontario, one may wonder who could draw a crowd like this, if they are not familiar about who it is. Children living in Ontario are among the luckiest in Canada. Not only do we have great schools, libraries and playgrounds, but Ontario is the home of one of Canada’s most talented children’s entertainers and authors: Erick Traplin.  St. Clements, to be exact.

Erick has been drawing crowds of children, parents and educators since 1989, captivating audiences with his fun, high energy and interactive concerts.  He performs all across Ontario, and also has performed in Montreal, Labrador, Halifax, and Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Watching him perform, you know he loves what he does.

Along with performing more than 200 shows per year at venues such as schools, libraries, daycare centres, festivals, birthday parties, family gatherings, restaurants, retirement homes and special events, Erick has eight CDs (seven children’s and one adult) a CD of children’s songs accompanying a book teaching sign language entitled Sign and Sing, and two other children’s books: The Christmas Mouse and Plucky the Persistent Little Hen.

With all of this accomplished, you may think at first blush he has been doing this all his life, but Traplin, 63, is only in his 23rd year….2009 was his milestone 20th anniversary.

Erick Traplin’s Discography

Erick Traplin's Books and CDs
Erick Traplin’s Books and CDs

1993  Behind my attic door
1998  Songs for the young and young at heart
2001 The Christmas Mouse
2002 Bubbles (signature songs on this CD: Bubbles and Spiderman)
2006 Pick It Up (signature on songs on this CD: Sunshine, Hop Right To It, One Finger, One Thumb, Momma Don’t Low)
2009 A Little More (signature songs on this CD: Chicken Song, The Window Washer, Fishin’ Worms, Sailing on a Pirate Ship)
2009 Most Requested (Adult Contemporary)
2011  Blast Off (signature songs on this Cd: Blast Off, Say La La, Don’t Mind if I Do, Five Little Kittens and Hi My Name is Joe)

Erick Traplin’s Books

The Christmas Mouse – great accompaniment to the song on CD of same name
Sign & Sing – a book and CD combo in conjunction with Milton’s sign language school, Little Hands Talking, teaching hearing children sign language.  Sign along to the songs.
Plucky the Persistent Little Hen – the book that brings the Chicken Song to life.

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Check out the Youtube video of The Chicken Song