$32 for Buytopia 90 Minute Facial and Non-Surgical Facelift

Natalia, Manager of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street
Natalia, Manager of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street

As a member of Buytopia’s inner circle, I was invited to test the $32 Buytopia deal for a 90-minute full facial and non-surgical facelift currently offered at IN Beauty Med-Spa. As someone who usually looks like a tomato due to my rosacea and broken capillaries spidering across my cheeks, I was eager to see the results of this facial and being over 40 (ahem!), need I describe the appeal of the non-surgical facelift?

First of all, the Yorkville location of IN Beauty Med-Spa where I had the facial, is a relaxing oasis. Low-keyed elegance is how I would describe it. This is not a huge spa; there are only four treatment rooms. Natalia, the manager, conducted a quick examination of my face and decided that my skin needed products with Vitamin C in order to reduce my broken capillaries. Further, my sensitive skin demanded that she use one of the gentler machines for the non-surgical facelift, one which would stimulate collagen without generating a lot of heat. (Those with normal skin will want to opt for the radio frequency machine, which stimulates collagen formation, reduces wrinkles and tightens tissues.)

Natalia began the facial by applying a soothing cleansing lotion from the Swiss skincare line, Helenere, and gently rubbed at the dead skin layers for a thorough exfoliation. She then set a steamer near my face to open the pores and she extracted the blackheads that had set up camp on my nose. She applied a gentle serum, again from Helenere, to close the pores.

Interior of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street in Yorkville
Interior of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street

Natalia then gave me a lymphatic drainage massage, focusing on the lymph nodes in my neck and upper arms, encouraging the lymph nodes to release toxins. I was now ready for the second half of the treatment: the non-surgical facelift. Natalia chose a machine suited to my skin that would gently stimulate collagen without causing any skin damage due to excessive heat. The procedure is not painful at all; you simply feel a slight prodding upon your skin. Natalia then applied a hydrating and anti-aging mask, as well as a creme to reduce wrinkles and puffing around the eyes.

Natalia encouraged me to relax, even fall asleep if I chose, since she said that relaxed skin absorbs nutrients and minerals better than tense skin. This was easy to do due to the dark room and Japanese folk music playing in the background. About 15 minutes later, Natalia returned to remove the mask and I was done.

Natalia, Manager of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street
Natalia, Manager of IN Beauty Med-Spa at 26 Bellair Street

Although Natalia would not reveal her client list, she did advise me that many A-list celebrities drop in to have a treatment during the Toronto Film Festival.

Am I impressed? Very! The redness in my skin has visibly reduced to the point where I could be referred to as ‘pale’ and a slight poke on my cheek reveals a tautness not previously apparent. Plus those nasty blackheads have moved on. Keep in mind though that you will need to have regular facials and non-surgical facelifts to keep your skin full of nutrients and to ensure the continuous production of collagen, but IN Beauty Med-Spa offers impressive discounts when you buy packages of treatments.

IN Beauty Med-Spa has three locations: 26 Bellair Street, 2nd Floor (Yorkville); Unit 12, 15 & 16, 505 Hwy 7 East, Thornhill; and Unit 219 & 220, 668 SilverStar Blvd., Scarborough.