Mountain Equipment Coop Hosts Party to Introduce New Brand

MEC Women's Co-opted Vest
MEC Women's Co-opted Vest

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) will be hosting a party on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at their King Street West store to introduce its new brand platform designed to encourage Canadians to get active outdoors. MEC’s “We are all outsiders” campaign takes into account that the outdoor activity that Canadians do is influenced by where they live.

Enjoy demos, clinics, snacks and prizes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday including $100 gift cards and a grand prize worth $3,000. If you purchase sports gear during the party, you may receive a voucher (limited number) for 50% off ski or bike shop services.

MEC’s “Moving Stories” contest winners will also be announced MEC Outsiders, a new site that includes inspirational winner profiles.

MEC’s new collection includes a larger selection of technical backcountry gear, as well as new cycling and running apparel for men and women including the following items:

MEC Women's Co-opted Vest
MEC Women’s Co-opted Vest, $135

In addition, the new MEC logo can now be found on MEC products, the newly redesigned and store signage. You’ll notice that the MEC stores in Toronto, Montreal and North Vancouver have been updated to showcase the new vibrant imagery of active Canadians. 

MEC Men's Ignite Zip-T
MEC Men’s Ignite Zip-T, $99

MEC will invest in young adults, since research demonstrates that activity levels decline after high school. Limited investments are being made to support post-secondary students’ participation in outdoor activities.

Mountain Equipment Coop Women's Bricole Jacket, $235
MEC Women’s Bricole Jacket, $235

Mountain Equipment Coop, 400 King Street West, Toronto