Cupcakes from Toronto’s Bite Bar Call Out Bite Me + Giveaway

Red Velvet cupcakes at Bite Bar in Toronto
Red Velvet cupcakes at Bite Bar

Torontonicity was invited to a media night at Bite Bar at 57 Elm Street on Sept. 24, 2013 to sample the bar’s bite-sized cupcakes and Christmas-themed cocktails ahead of the 2013 holiday season. Bite Bar, which recently catered several Toronto International Film Festival parties, is the place to go when you are craving something sweet, but don’t want to overdo it. Serving bite-sized cupcakes, cakes and marshmallow bars, Bite Bar is licensed so you can wash these sweet things down with wine, cocktails or even dessert-themed teas.

Interior of Bite Bar, Toronto
Interior of Bite Bar in Toronto

I couldn’t resist the C Cup chocolate cupcake in eggnog, which was super fresh and not too chocolaty. Since I was feeling in a holiday mood after looking at all of the special Christmas packages, I decided to try the eggnog made from chocolate liqueur. Definitely a spin on a classic drink that was worth creating.

Choco Eggnog Martiniat Bite Bar
Choco Eggnog Martini at Bite Bar

If you’re a fan of Red Velvet cupcakes, you have to try Bite Bar’s sumptuous version. Bite Bar also offers a Bite of the Month cupcake.

Red Velvet cupcakes at Bite Bar in Toronto
Red Velvet cupcakes at Bite Bar in Toronto

We were shown samples of Bite Bar’s holiday cupcake packages for Christmas. Bite Bar will also be selling special Halloween cupcake treats.

Candy Cane Cheesecakelette at Bite Bar
Candy Cane Cheesecakelette at Bite Bar in Toronto

Wouldn’t these be great for a Secret Santa party, holiday cocktail party or gifts for office staff at Christmas? I sampled the Naughty ‘n Nice sandwich cookies and they were also moist and sweet.

Bite Bar in Toronto will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth with their delectable, bite-sized cupcakes without sending you through the roof on a massive sugar rush. Stop by at 57 Elm Street just west of Bay Street for some of Toronto’s best cupcakes.

Bite Bar at 57 Elm Street
Bite Bar at 57 Elm Street, Toronto

Bite Bar, 57 Elm Street, Toronto, 647-907-4465

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