Haunted Buildings in Toronto

Rose Garden with Wood Residence at Glendon College, photo Lemontwist291
Rose Garden with Wood Residence, photo Lemontwist291

Haunted Buildings in Toronto

You may have heard about hauntings at the University of Toronto, the Exhibition Grounds, the Don Jail, lower Bay Station and Casa Loma, but Toronto has lesser known buildings where poltergeist activity has been spotted. With Halloween around the corner, these ghostly spirits may wish to make an appearance to make their presence known. If you want to get your spook on, you can also check out these Halloween events in Toronto for 2013.

Rose Garden with Wood Residence at Glendon College, photo Lemontwist291
Rose Garden with Wood Residence, photo Lemontwist291

Haunted Glendon College, York University

Many sightings have occurred at York University’s Glendon College, the former estate of Toronto financier Edgar Wood near Bayview and Lawrence Avenues, making it one of the most well-known haunted buildings in Toronto. Students have reported seeing the figure of a woman who appears to float several inches off the ground near the pub. Many students have been spooked by a room in the Hilliard Student Residence where during the night, their legs were marked with pens. A ghostly woman has also been seen looking out of the basement and first floor window of the library, particularly during wedding photo shoots. A malevolent spirit has also been seen lingering near the ravine. Students and staff have also reported experiencing the feeling of being pushed down the Athletic Centre.

Todmorden Mills in Toronto, photo theminmin
Todmorden Mills, photo theminmin

Helliwell House at Todmorden Mills

The story goes that the lady of Helliwell House at Todmorden Mills died in childbirth and her son later died in an accident at the mill. Visitors have reported hearing a woman speaking to a child and have also seen the figure of a woman fleeting across the windows of the house. The house’s shutters have been heard crashing open despite calm weather.

Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, photo by Ian Muttoo
Hockey Hall of Fame, photo by Ian Muttoo

Haunted Bank of Montreal/Hockey Hall of Fame

Before the branch of the Bank of Montreal at Yonge and Front Streets was converted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1993, staff of the branch claimed to have seen the ghost of a young woman who was shot at the bank in the early 20th century during a bank robbery. Dorothy, as she was known, was seen in period dress near the bank’s vault. Bank staff also experienced doors opening, closing and locking, cold patches and lights going on and off. Staff at the Hockey Hall of Fame still report experiencing cold spots and witnessing other poltergeist activity and a few have reported seeing her.

Chapters, formerly the Runnymede Theatre, in Toronto, photo GTD Aquitaine
Chapters, formerly the Runnymede Theatre, photo GTD Aquitaine

Former Runnymede Theatre/Chapter’s/Shoppers Drug Mart

Before the Runnymede Theatre at Bloor Street West and Runnymede Road was converted into a Chapter’s, theatre staff reported hearing a girl crying behind the screen. Then later when the building was converted into a Chapter’s location, there were reports that books would fall on the shelves as shoppers approached them. The building is now a Shoppers Drug Mart. Perhaps you’ll encounter the ghost when buying shampoo on your next visit?

Lalique Fountain at The Carlu's Round Room in Toronto, photo Light play
Lalique Fountain at The Carlu’s Round Room, photo Light play

The Carlu

Several people have reported the existence of a female ghost at The Carlu, which was formerly the 7th floor auditorium of the original Eaton’s at College Park. Witnesses have said they have heard footsteps near the auditorium and on the staircases. A security guard reports hearing whistling and a woman talking near the Carlu’s Round Room.

Are you aware of any other haunted buildings in Toronto?

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