Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic Holds Open House


By Amy Sanderson

The Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic, operated by Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, held an open house, Love Your Lips, on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at their Yonge and St. Clair location. Torontonicity was invited to see Dr. Pearlman demonstrate some of her cosmetic and medical procedures.

I met Dr. Pearlman after enjoying a glass of Prosecco, chocolate-covered strawberries and macaroons.

Macaroons at Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic
Macaroons served at Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic

Dr. Pearlman described her service as “inside out” meaning she focuses not only on external treatments, but also on nutritional health so that her clients achieve a well-rounded approach to health. Dr. Pearlman believes this philosophy is lacking currently and that, as a result, her services are “cutting edge.” Some of her services include:

Cosmetic Procedures at Pearl Medical:

Botox and Dysport, Dermal Fillers, PearlLift (non-surgical facelift), Selphyl, Skin tightening, Body Contouring, Medical Skin Care, Retexturizng Peels, Anti-aging Facials

Dermal Fillers
PearlLift (non-surgical facelift)
Skin tightening
Body Contouring

Medical Procedures at Pearl Medical:

Biodentical Hormone Therapy
Active Age Management
Nutritional Support
Customized Lifestyle Plan
Pearl ReShape

The lip redensify treatment involved the client sitting mostly upright in a dentist-type chair. She had some topical freezing applied to her lips to diminish the pain of the needles, which injected the redensify product. The client said that the treatment was virtually painless and she noticed results right away. I learned from a woman who was the model for the lip redensify treatment ($600) that Dr. Pearlman is not only her cosmetic doctor, but also her M.D. Dr. Pearlman has a medical practice in addition to her cosmetic practice in the same building.

There was a neck collagen hydration demonstration as well. As the client was lying on the table, Dr. Pearlman used an instrument to warm the skin at her neck. As a result, the collagen was able to enter the skin more easily, causing the skin to “thicken,” thereby lessening the “chicken neck” we get as we grow older. There were promotional prices for some of her services honoured only that evening.

Dr. Pearlman holds these demonstrations about once a month. She also sells Michael Marcus cosmetics.

Michael Marcus Cosmetics at Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic
Michael Marcus Cosmetics at Pearl Medical Vitality Clinic

I received a lovely gift bag, which included a small lip pillow ice pack (presumably to be used after a treatment), Revive face cream (formulated by Dr. Pearlman), and a mini-compact for your purse.


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