Cube Nightclub in Toronto Celebrates Second Anniversary

Mac 'n' cheese at CUBE Nightclub
Mac 'n' cheese at CUBE Nightclub

By Sonja Cloutier

On Friday, March 7, 2014, I checked out CUBE Nightclub on Queen Street West. This was my first visit to CUBE, formerly known as Ultra. I had received mixed reviews from friends about this nightclub, but decided to check it out anyway considering this was CUBE’s second anniversary party. Also, I found out that CUBE is one of a collection of clubs owned and operated by Charles Khabouth and Ink Entertainment, and I had had a great time at Khabouth’s Cabana Pool Bar opening this past summer.

Upon arrival, I found that the atmosphere of CUBE was very upbeat with a DJ playing a music mix of today’s top singles and pumping techno beats. I was delighted to find that the crowd was made up of young professionals. I had originally thought that the club would be filled with young party-goers, but it was a refreshing mix of fun, upbeat individuals who were probably taking a break from the grueling life of recent entry into their careers or working their way into them.

Flavoured 'pen' hookahs at CUBE Nightclub
Flavoured ‘pen’ hookahs at CUBE Nightclub

CUBE was packed with people, including women dressed in scandalously-revealing outfits, who were handing out hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and disposable, flavoured hookahs (apple, blueberry and tobacco). Gentlemen were standing on pedestals overlooking the crowd.  The complimentary cocktails were very scarce, so we ended up ordering Vodka Cranberry cocktails at the bar. The amount of food that was being handed out, however, was immense. We were offered curried chicken balls, antipasti nicely placed on spoons, and good ol’ fashion mac ‘n’cheese.

Mac 'n' cheese at CUBE Nightclub
Mac ‘n’ cheese at CUBE Nightclub

I enjoyed myself so much that I will absolutely be visiting CUBE again.

CUBE Nightclub is located at 314 Queen Street West (just west of Soho Street), Toronto, 416-263-0330.