Ace Nightclub Opens on Adelaide Street West in Toronto

Ace Nightclub in Toronto
Ace Nightclub in Toronto

By Sonja Cloutier

On March 26, 2014, I attended Ace Nightclub’s media launch party and may I just say ‘wow’! We arrived at Ace around 8:30 p.m. and found ourselves face to face with a Bentley Continental GT and Fisker Karma fully electric car, parked right out front. Needless to say, we could expect absolute luxury at Ace and when we entered, we got it!  Talk about luxury, this place really knows how to throw a party.

Ace Nightclub in Toronto
Ace Nightclub in Toronto

This tiny venue at Adelaide Street West and Brant Street packs a punch and the service was amazing. From coat check all the way to management, everyone was very welcoming. We entered the club and headed to the open bar and ordered a couple of vodka sprites. We then made our way around the place which did not take long as the venue is quite small.

We eventually settled down in a small booth where we were greeted by our server who was amazing! Let’s just say I did not have an empty glass that night as our server brought us champagne with fresh fruit slices.

Champagne at Ace Nightclub in Toronto
Champagne at Ace Nightclub

Servers were handing out delicious bocconcini and tomato skewers, chicken and bacon sandwiches and chicken balls.

The crowd was a mixture of lavishly-dressed individuals 25+. The DJ was very good, playing today’s top 40, mixed with techno beats. A notable fact was the volume, which was perfect. It had base, but allowed you to carry on a conversation, which is rare in the club scene. There were casino games set up at the front of the venue for guests to gamble and each person was given 200 play dollars for a chance to win various prizes.

Casino games at Ace Nightclub in Toronto
Casino games at Ace Nightclub

Ace’s launch party was one of the top events I’ve attended this year; It was a night to remember. I will definitely be going back!!

Ace Nightclub is located at 425 Adelaide Street West (at Brant Street).


  1. We went to Ace night club this past saturday May 26th, only to be welcomed by rude staff. The security were rude and obnoxious, the guest list girl felt like doing her job was a huge task as she felt overwhelmed. When we got in the club was empty and this was at 12am, the drinks were watered down. The only good things about Ace was the music was ok. Other than that my experience was horrible. We were a fair size group of 8. I wouldn’t return only because of my first impressions with the security and staff.

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