Murder at the ROM, A Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Murder at the ROM hosted by Urban Capers
The teams that win are those that work well together.

Come out for a fun adventure, Murder at the ROM hosted by Urban Capers, while exploring the Royal Ontario Museum like you’ve never done before!

Murder Mystery at the ROM
Those who are frightened at the sight of blood, like Diana, can still be sleuths!

What is it about?
Jodi Sniden, Chief Sleuth, Urban Capers Scavenger Hunt, gives you the clue sheet and brief instructions of what to do. Listen carefully to what she tells you; there are important leads in what she says. Your team of two to six people will use the clue sheet, which includes tricky questions to answer and riddles to solve, while running around the Royal Ontario Museum in a frenzy of sleuthing. You work closely with your team to find out who murdered the museum curator, with what and where the grisly deed was done. The team with the most correct answers at the end of two hours wins. The team with the lowest score gets locked up with the mummies. *wink*

Who does it appeal to?
Everyone! Everyone who wants to have fun!
Everyone who has ever enjoyed a mystery.
Everyone who likes exploring.
Everyone who is interested in riddles or puzzles – (I appreciated the sly humour in the riddles.)
Everyone who likes to do something different.

I’ve been at the ROM before. What’s in it for me?
People who visit the museum every year still find the scavenger hunt a challenge because you’ve probably never looked for these details before. It is exciting to see this historic building in a whole new way. Participants learn new ways of seeing and exploring their environment. My whole vision of the ROM has shifted.

I’ve never been to the ROM. Will I get lost?
You won’t get lost as the clues tell you where to go. Hold on to your map as you traverse the galleries and you’ll have an excellent first visit at the Royal Ontario Museum. For people new to the museum, it is a really interesting way to be introduced to this temple of artifacts.

What if you don’t have a team?
If you don’t have a team or if you are a small team interested in meeting new people, let Urban Capers know at registration and they will match you up.

How long is it?
The actual hunt is two hours, but allow some time before the hunt for signing in, restroom visits and beverages, and some time afterwards for reviewing the case, hearing how the story all comes together and seeing how the mystery is solved.

I like museums. Can I stay longer?
Yes! The two hours is a little more than enough time to complete the hunt so you have a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Make note of what you want to look at more closely and go back after the hunt to delve further. Your ticket allows you to stay until closing time.

Anything else?
Make sure you are very alert for the challenges. I had my caffeine fix before sleuthing. You will do some serious probing so you’ll need to keep your mind open as the answer may involve lateral thinking.

Benefits of doing scavenger hunts:
Sharpen your observation skills
Strengthen your analytical thinking
Exercise your lateral thinking — you’ll think creatively, outside the box
Broaden and exercise your mind
See things in an unexpectedly different way

Murder Mystery at the ROM by Urban Capers
Becky pointing to the mural, but the answer is not there.

Beware of teams trying to find out your answers! You might want to lead other teams astray so that your team will win!

Scavenger hunts are great for team building:
Learning to function effectively as a team using communication and encouragement
Applying good listening skills
Seeking and building a consensus for a plan of action
Plotting a strategy
Building on flexibility as the strategy may need to change as the plot thickens

Murder at the ROM hosted by Urban Capers
The teams that win are those that work well together.

It is very neat to be in a museum performing an atypical but highly stimulating activity. I think you will have fun! I hope to see you on another Urban Caper!

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