Triumph Lingerie Offers Bra Fittings at Hudson’s Bay

Triumph padded underwire bra in two tone embroidery lace, Style 1842, $46
Triumph padded underwire bra in two tone embroidery lace, Style 1842, $46

Triumph Lingerie is offering bra fittings by a Triumph consultant at Toronto-area Hudson’s Bay stores to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bra and introduce its new Amourette Spotlight bra, part of their ‘Stand Up For Fit’ campaign. A study sponsored by Triumph Lingerie revealed that 63% of the world’s women are not wearing the right-sized bra. Having a bra fitting ensures that you are wearing the right size bra. Triumph invited some of Torontonicity’s bloggers to get fitted for a Triumph bra and they are sharing their experience below. (Disclosure: Torontonicity bloggers who were fitted received a complimentary Triumph bra and panty set.)

Triumph Amourette Spotlight T-shirt Bra, $52
Triumph Amourette Spotlight T-shirt Bra, $52

Amourette Spotlight features a graphical floral lace design with a comfortable cut that accentuates curves, while providing support and comfort.

To book an appointment for a Triumph bra fitting at Toronto-area Hudson’s Bay stores, email and indicate which Hudson’s Bay store you would like to visit and on which date.

Diana Condolo:

Melissa Pizzardi, my lovely bra fitter from Triumph, was astonished that I have never been fitted for a bra. I simply never thought about getting fitted. She recommends getting fitted every year.

Bra sizes vary among manufacturers and a women’s breasts may not conform to the sizes offered by a particular company. The size, shape, and spacing of women’s breasts vary considerably so it can be difficult to find a bra that fits.

I told Melissa I actually have two different bra sizes at home as I find my body changes during the menstrual cycle with fluid retention. Even a few pounds of variation in weight seem to make such a difference, resulting in the band feeling too tight. Some women’s breasts can change shape by as much as 20% per month. It was nice to hear that it is very common.

Melissa measured under the bust and around the cup. It turned out that I was wearing the correct size, but that the petite style fits me better since it helps avoid the pinching of flesh under the arms.

Melissa was so easy to deal with – both professional and very friendly. I felt comfortable having her there with me in the dressing room even though I dislike change rooms.

I tried on nine different bras for fit, style and colour. This is my favourite bra: A padded underwired bra in a delicate two-tone embroidery lace has a touch of purple, Style 1842. Price is $46.

Triumph padded underwire bra in two tone embroidery lace, Style 1842, $46
Triumph padded underwire bra in two tone embroidery lace, Style 1842, $46

Melissa asked me what my favourite colour was. I told her that I loved pinks and purples so she brought me a lovely pink bra, the Triumph Sheer Wing,  Style #3059 in Guava selling for $38. It also comes in black and vanilla.

Triumph Sheer Wing style 3059 in Guava, $38
Triumph Sheer Wing style 3059 in Guava, $38

I selected the lace push up bra in a petite fit with ribbon detailing on the cups. The convertible straps can be worn four different ways. This Triumph bra, Style #3037, comes in vanilla and black and is priced at $37. This was the best fit – made for women with petite frames.

Triumph lace push up bra with ribbon detailing on the cups in vanilla and black, $37
Triumph lace push up bra with ribbon detailing on the cups in vanilla and black, $37

Melissa talked about what to look for:

  • The chest band should not ride up the back and should be firm
  • The straps should not dig into or slip off the shoulder
  • The breasts should be enclosed by the cups
  • Being able to breathe and move easily without the bra slipping around
  • The bra should be comfortable with no pinching or pain; you should feel like you could sleep in it

Another surprise was the need to get a new bra every six months. I tend to keep them for a long time!

When you first purchase a bra, you should be able to hook it on the loosest hooks and feel comfortable. As you wash and wear your bra, the elasticity of the band tends to diminish, so you can hook it up on the inner hooks. This means you can extend your bra’s shelf life.

Sharilene Rowland:

Being fitted for a bra isn’t the most exciting moment in a girl’s life; however, it’s a necessity. The right bra can be life changing, from making your clothes look awesome to saving yourself from some serious back pain. Once greeted in the Triumph section of the lingerie department at the Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale by my Triumph consultant Melissa Pizzardi, we headed into a comfy, private fitting room to begin our consultation. Melissa began by pointing out things about my existing bra that were not flattering or that simply were not doing a good job of presenting my best look.

After showing me that what I was wearing was not giving me the support and overall look I could have, Melissa took some measurements and set off to find a few Triumph options to try on.

Triumph Amourette Spotlight lace bra, $52
Triumph Amourette Spotlight lace bra, $52

After a few trips back and forth from the fitting room to the brassiere wonderland with handfuls of gorgeous Triumph bras to try on, we found a match. Your consultant will put them on you and help you adjust them just right for more comfort, less back fat, more support, more cleavage and with straps that fit perfect, meaning, no falling down, no pinching and no digging into your shoulders.

I must admit, my Triumph bra consultant made this somewhat embarrassing experience extremely comfortable and rewarding. Each of us are unique and therefore really should not go out and just buy one of those, one-size-fits-all styles. I was a little surprised to find out I was a 36F, yes an F.  Therefore, the truth is, I really do need to purchase from companies that carry that size in a variety of styles and colours to go with a variety of outfits and occasions. Triumph offers this! This part of us plays a huge role in our look, our confidence and our overall health, therefore they deserve more attention. The proper-fitting bras will be more expensive, but they will last longer and promote better posture, which will lead to better health and more confidence in whatever you wear (including t-shirts). When you really think about it, finding the perfect bra for you not only is essential, it is physically and visually necessary!! So girls, get out there and get a bra fitting!

The first thing I did when I got home was try on all my current bras, put them to the test and unfortunately, as it turns out, I had to ditch the majority of them. But onward and upward, literally, to better fitting lingerie!!

Another FYI: You might be surprised about your size. I was wearing a 38DD and they fit me for a 36F, and crazily enough, that actually is my size. Most women wear a too-large band size and too-small cup size, so you feel skinny and big-breasted when they fit you for a smaller band and bigger cup (Score!)

Sonja Cloutier:

I had my appointment to be fitted for a Triumph bra on Friday May 23, 2014 at the Hudson’s Bay Queen Street store. I arrived an hour early and was met by Dina Vieira and Melissa, my fitter. They were both very sweet ladies. Melissa took me into the fitting room and explained a bit about how a bra should fit and what exactly was wrong with my current bra. I was wearing a 36B and she fitted me for a 36D!! She told me that my bra was poking into my breast tissue, which caused lumpiness and discomfort. The Triumph Amourette bra I tried on was extremely comfortable. I chose the lace version as it was more elegant than my everyday bras. I felt as though my breasts were lifted substantially and were held in place very nicely. I am very excited to start wearing my new Triumph bra and glad that I am now wearing the correct size.

Amy Sanderson:

I went to my Triumph bra fitting at Hudson’s Bay Bloor Street on Thursday, May 29, 2014. The fitter, Melissa Pizzardi, was really nice. I was greeted by her, then we headed to the fitting room where she took my measurements. Melissa determined I am a 34D, which was the size of the bra I was wearing so she was pleased about that! We tried both styles of the Triumph Amourette bra, but the t-shirt bra with a little padding only went up to a D and I needed a double D. Next, we tried the lacy style, which comes in sizes up to F. It turned out I was a 34F in that style (just a smidge bigger than a DD). Melissa said she was pleased that I was knowledgable about bra fitting unlike most women she sees. I am looking forward to wearing the black 34F Triumph Amourette bra and hipster panties to match!

Triumph Amourette Spotlight hipster, $26
Triumph Amourette Spotlight hipster, $26