Cabana Pool Bar Opens Summer 2015 Season and Giveaway

Cabana Pool Bar
Cabana Pool Bar

Torontonicity was invited to attend the media launch party of Cabana Pool Bar’s summer 2015 season featuring Tiesto on Saturday June 13, 2015. To celebrate, we’re giving away four tickets to the Paris Hilton event at Cabana on June 27, 2015 along with a beach bag with sunscreen products, total value $130. (Our giveaway is now closed.)

Cabana Pool Bar, Toronto
Cabana Pool Bar, Toronto

Cabana Pool Bar never fails to impress: this place is the epitome of luxury. Its all-white decor has such a modern feel. They offer Cabana booths and Daybeds, which overlook their refreshing pool or the gorgeous Toronto shoreline. In fact, there is not a single seat in this venue that does not have an amazing view.



New this year are some pretty luxurious perks including water taxis exclusively for Cabana Pool Bar that pick you up from a designated location at Queens Quay and Spadina for a cool $8 per person. This 30-minute scenic ride drops you right at the front doors of Cabana Pool Bar. They also have a new slushie bar and of course, how can you be expected to go for a swim without having a complimentary hair and makeup station for ladies (available on Saturday and Sunday)?

If you are heading to Cabana, you better have your wallet ready since this place isn’t cheap. However, if what you’re looking for is a place to just tan and swim a bit, you can do so for as low as a $20 per person entrance fee and $20 pool fee. (Entrance and pool fee is $15 total on Fridays.) For those who are more interested in renting a private cabana and perhaps a few bottles, it will set you back a lot more. Private cabanas cost between $1,000 to $2,500, which include a set number of tickets and a set amount of alcohol, but if you have a larger group, it’s worth it!

Okay now to the really good stuff: the FOOD!  Cabana Pool Bar is catered by Oliver and Bonacini and this year, their menu is on point. We sampled the following from the new menu:

We were offered some delicious lamb sliders to enjoy.

The next appetizer was a delicious fish taco!

Chicken potstickers at Cabana Pool Bar
Chicken potstickers at Cabana Pool Bar

The next appetizers were some delicious chicken potstickers.

Hummus served with heirloom veggies at Cabana Pool Bar
Hummus served with heirloom veggies at Cabana Pool Bar

We then tried some refreshing hummus served with perfectly ripe heirloom veggies.

Tiesto was the guest performer and he did not fail to impress. The patio was packed and everyone was into the music. Even if his style of music isn’t your forte, he is a true performer and you could feel it. Tiesto played from 5:30 to 11 p.m.

The day started out gloomy and I was worried the day would be a wash-out, but the weather turned for the better and it ended up being a spectacular event and I will definitely be attending Cabana Pool Bar in the weekends to come.

Cabana Pool Bar Beach Bag with sunscreen productsOur giveaway to the Paris Hilton event at Cabana Pool Bar is now closed. Congratulations to winner Daryl Moad. 

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  1. The Cabana Pool Bar looks like a great way to spend an afternoon in Toronto! Thanks for the giveaway Torontonicity!

  2. I want to win this giveaway because I definetly need a fun day out with my girlfriends and from your post, it really looks like Cabana is the spot!!

  3. I want to win this giveaway because its my birthday weekend and I want to have some fun in the sun!

  4. I want to win this giveaway because I want to over indulge in the master culinary works of Oliver and Bonacini combined with too much sun by a pool side. It is a dream I never thought possible and now I hope it comes true. Thank you for this opportunity even if it only lives as a day dream.

  5. I want to win this giveaway because I would love to visit Toronto, enjoy the weather and kick back with my friends.

  6. I want to win this giveaway because it would be an absolute awesome way for some east coasters to have a great night out.

  7. I want to win this giveaway because it is so elegant and divine and then there’s even more posh and wonderful and divine the lovely Paris Hilton there will be wine flowing and excellent conversation and wonderful entertainment

  8. I want to win this giveaway because I have never been to a Cabana Pool Bar/Party. I also like the products as well. Additionally, the opportunity to attend would give me the chance to blog about such a great event. Aside from all the aforementioned, meeting Paris Hilton (or even getting a glimpse) would be a wonderful experience.

  9. I have followed, liked, tweeted, shared, shouted and promoted everywhere including LinkedIn!!

  10. I want to win this giveaway because my step-daughter would have a cow if she got to see Paris Hilton

  11. I’d go just to ask Paris to sing her hit song ‘Stars are Blind’. It is awesome and puts a smile on my face.

  12. I want to win this giveaway because my husband and I love a good party! We never get out, and I mean never, and our #YYZ daughter has given rave reviews as well about Toronto’s Cabana Pool Bar!! And of course it’s Paris Hilton. Word. 🙂

  13. I completed all 6 steps plus I shared an upside-down pic on FB and pinned it and whatever else I can do for you!! Word!! 🙂 ty

  14. I want to win this because I’ve heard that when you’re at Cabana, it feels like you’re down south for vacation at a resort, and I would go gaga for the chance to mingle with Paris Hilton.

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