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With more people focused on nutritious eating, the superfoods category is rapidly expanding. A new player on the block is SassyFig, a Canadian company producing highly nutritious granola and crousti. (Our giveaway is now closed.)

SassyFig’s philosophy is food should not be engineered in labs or overprocessed. Food left in its most whole state is more nutritious. With that in mind, SassyFig strives to source the most nutritional ingredients for their products, which are gluten free and dairy free.

SassyFig Granola in Fig Vanilla Maple Syrup
SassyGranola in Fig Vanilla Maple Syrup

I received a sample of SassyFig’s granola and croutis to try. All of SassyFig’s products come in gorgeous boxes; had I not known, I would have thought the packaging enclosed high end cosmetics!

I tried both flavours of their granola: Fig Vanilla Maple Syrup and Goji Berry Carob Mocha. The granola is definitely fuel for a foodie purist. With ingredients such as dried fruit, coconut oil, maple syrup, carob and honey, you definitely feel virtuous eating this granola. SassyGranola is not too sweet and you can taste the pureness of the ingredients. Because the ingredients are substantial, you really don’t need to eat a lot of this granola to feel satisfied. I tried the granola plain, but you could definitely add yogourt or almond milk.

SassyFig Granola

SassyCrousti come in several flavours: Kale; Sweet Potato; Blueberry; Chocolate Cayenne; Goji Berry and Green Tea; and Tahini Seaweed. I received Chocolate Cayenne and Sweet Potato SassyCrousti.

The crousti are an excellent source of protein and fiber, being made from hulled hemp seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds. These crouti are quite dense. I found I preferred the taste and texture of the Sweet Potato SassyCrousti since they were a little crispier than the Chocolate Cayenne crousti. The Chocolate Cayenne crousti are not very sweet, nor do they have an overpowering taste of chocolate.

SassyCrousti in Sweet Potato
SassyCrousti in Sweet Potato

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Congratulations to Christina Kim who won a large box of SassyFig products (value $55). 

Our giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I want to win this giveaway because I love trying new things! I love that this product is not over-processed. The flavours are so unique and sound delicious!

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