Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival

Deep Fried Pickles at Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival
Battered deep fried pickles with garlic aioli is scrumptious

The Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival at Garrison Common pays homage to a variety of Toronto’s top-tier vegan vendors, serving up the very best in comfort food, some of which can’t easily be obtained. In addition to live bands and fun activities, such as ping pong, craft brews and wines make this a scrumptious highlight of summer.

What really attracted some people is that you can taste some goodies that you could not normally get anywhere in Toronto. Doomie’s Home Cookin’ came to us all the way from Hollywood, California.

Doomie’s menu offers a lineup so mouth watering, from a vegan brownie to a vegan Big Mac. People were willing to line up for over an hour to pay $15 dollars for their Big Mac. I asked seven people if it was worth it; they all happily and enthusiastically said yes. They tell me that this bad boy of food is as close to the real thing as it gets. One guy said it is even better than he used to think the original was.

More than a Big is the granddaddy of all Macs
More than a Big Mac…the Big Mac Vegan is the granddaddy of all Macs

Doug McNish, a Toronto based chef who is dedicated to creating beautiful, delicious, fresh – and of course vegan meals. Doug takes healthy, organic and plant based cuisine to a whole new level. His food is always amazing so if you haven’t tried his food yet, do hurry over to Doug’s Public Kitchen.

Doug McNish at Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival
Guests indulged in Doug McNish’s take on the classic club sandwich, his famous tostada and poutine.

Cardinal Rules had only two people in line at the time when I walked by, so I dove in to get a deep fried pickle on a stick. I learned that Cardinal Rules is a quirky diner serving inventive comfort food, with many vegan and gluten-free options, plus draft beer.

Deep Fried Pickles at Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival
Battered deep fried pickles with garlic aioli is scrumptious

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank had a booth to provide information, collect donations and supply us with the tastiest, refreshing lemonade I’ve ever had. They informed us that their mission is to provide healthy, environmentally-responsible and cruelty-free food to vegetarians in need.

Without the use of animal products or gluten, Bunner’s is able to provide moist, scrumptious cupcakes, decadent cookies and light fluffy muffins. If you have any food sensitivities or allergies Bunner’s will be your new best friend for baked goods!

Not only is Pleasantville Creamery known for their delicious ice cream flavours but also for their efforts, above and beyond, to provide high-quality, 100% vegan, organic and eco-ethical dairy alternatives for conscious consumers.

I wanted to try all their flavours, but had to settle on two. Our favourite is the Peach Cobbler, peachy perfect and very cinnamony. We also loved Strawberry Fields, which is made with locally sourced, farm-fresh strawberries & basil with aged balsamic vinegar & cracked black pepper.

The Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival is really popular so I recommend going early. Some vendors were sold out of food just four hours after opening. If you don’t like long line ups, your choices will be a bit limited. I bought food only from places with short lines, but I left feeling like a pleasantly satiated gourmet.

Tickets available for $10 in advance or $15 at the door
For a full list of vendor check their website: