SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots Keep Your Feet Warm

Sorel Caribou Women's Boots in Shale
Sorel Caribou Women's Boots in Shale

SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots

Winter is quickly on the way and if you live in Canada, that means making sure you have a good pair of boots. If you are looking to buy warm winter boots, SOREL is the answer.

Sonja is wearing the Sorel Caribou Women's Boot in Shale
Sonja is wearing the Sorel Women’s Caribou Boot in Shale

SOREL, a Canadian company, has been around since 1962, making expertly-crafted boots that are not only stylish, but can withstand Canadian winters. SOREL boots are made from premium leather, wool, and felt, resulting in a winter boot that will last for many years.

Sonja Cloutier models SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots in Shale. This boot also comes in Buff (a cafe-creme colour), Cinnamon and Black in sizes 5-12 (half sizes are available.)

Sorel Women's Caribou Boot in Shale, $180
SOREL Women’s Caribou Boot in Shale, $180

SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots look great worn with skinny jeans or tights, but I think they would look good with skirts and tights too.

Although I found SOREL Women’s Caribou women’s boots to be a bit heavier than regular winter boots, I believe they are constructed that way to be worn in heavy snow and ice. You will definitely notice how warm your feet feel when you put them on. SOREL Women’s Caribou boots are really comfortable too.

Treads on Sorel Caribou Women's Boots
Treads on SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots

Another thing I love about SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots is the treads on the soles. As someone who has slipped on the ice before, I feel confident walking in slippery winter weather with these boots on.

Sorel Caribou Women's Boots in Shale
Sorel Caribou Women’s Boots in Shale

You’ll definitely be waiting for it to snow so that you can show off your stylish SOREL Caribou boots while keeping warm.

SOREL Women’s Caribou Boots retail for $180.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of SOREL Caribou boots in order to write my review.