Ultimate Kale Chips by Solar Raw Foods


It’s the new year and with that brings resolutions for many people to eat healthy foods. On that note, I was provided with some complimentary samples of Ultimate Kale Chips by Solar Raw Food in order to see for myself whether these kale chips were satisfying as a healthy snack.

Ultimate Kale Chips are raw, gluten free and vegan and contain kale, which has been air-dried to preserve the nutrients of the kale (Vitamin A, K, C and B6, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, and Magnesium). Other ingredients include pre-soaked cashew nuts, pre-soaked sunflower seeds, coconut sap, lemon juice, nutritional yeast and Himalayan salt. Solar Raw Food produces their kale chips using solar energy.

Ultimate Kale chips come in six different flavours: Hemp Cream and Chives, Better Than Cheddar, Spicy Curry Lime, Pink Salt, Red Peppercorn Ranch and Cucumber Dill. I tried the Hemp Cream and Chives, Better Than Cheddar and Spicy Curry Lime.

Ultimate Kale Chips Hemp Cream & Chive Collage
Ultimate Kale Chips Hemp Cream & Chive Collage

The Ultimate Kale Chips in Hemp Cream and Chive were quite good. The kale chips were coated in crushed cashew nuts, which made them quite filling. Although there is only one gram of coconut sap in 25 kale chips, I could taste the sweet coconut flavour in these chips, although it wasn’t overpowering.

Next, I tried the Ultimate Kale Chips in Better Than Cheddar. These kale chips were markedly different from the hemp cream and chive. There was a fair amount of cheddar in these chips (as you’ll see in the photo above) and although they also contain coconut sap, I could not distinguish any coconut sweetness at all. If you enjoy cheesy potato chips, you will probably enjoy Better Than Cheddar.

The Ultimate Kale Chips in Spicy Curry Lime had a real kick. I think my favourite of all three was the Hemp Cream and Chive.

I could definitely get used to eating Ultimate Kale Chips as my go-to snack since they are super healthy and satisfying.

Ultimate Kale Chips come in 100 g packages and sell for approximately $5.99 per package. You’ll find Ultimate Kale Chips by Solar Raw Food in Toronto at Metro, The Big Carrot, Evergreen Natural Foods, Summerhill Market, Appletree Natural Foods, The Detox Market, Baldwin Naturals and Essence of Life.


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