My Reading with GTA Psychic Angel Morgan

Zeffie, mixed poodle terrier
Zeffie, mixed poodle terrier

You may be familiar with psychic Angel Morgan, who appears regularly on Talk 1010 radio. When I and blogger Sharilene Rowland were offered a complimentary psychic reading with Angel Morgan, we both jumped at the chance.

Angel Morgan communicates not only with people who have passed, but with people who are living. Angel has been trained by Peruvian shamans and native Aboriginal elders in the energetic healing arts and she also has training in Reiki, Condor feather healing, and house clearings. Angel is also able to communicate with animals. In addition, she works with animal totems that help us understand who we are and our purpose on earth.

Before I continue, I must confess that I have seen a few psychics in the past. The first experience involved an uncannily accurate reading in my 20s that predicted significant events that materialized. As a result, I am quite open to psychic phenomena, although not all readings have been as jarringly accurate as that first reading.

Psychic Angel Morgan
Psychic Angel Morgan

Sharilene and I arrived at The Spoke Club where Angel was conducting her sessions. I had a few topics I wanted to cover with Angel in our 30-minute session: communicating with my brother’s dog, Zeffie, who recently passed; communicating with my dad who passed many years ago; and achieving insight into a stubborn weight gain that I’m having trouble shedding.

Angel greeted me warmly and immediately told me that I was an intuitive as well and that I had the ability to give readings. I was a bit surprised by this assessment, but not completely. Angel told me that a lot of spirits wanted to “come through.” I immediately pulled the photo of my brother’s dog, Zeffie, from my handbag and showed it to Angel. I told her that Zeffie had recently passed and that I wanted Angel to tell Zeffie that we all missed him. [I lived with my brother and his daughters temporarily a few years ago and I really bonded with Zeffie during that time.] Angel replied, “Scruffy wants you to know that he had a very easy transition and has made many friends.” I interrupted Angel and reminded her that the dog’s name was “Zeffie.” Angel said, “Zeffie wants to be called ‘Scruffy’ because he liked it when you guys used to call him that.” Wow! My brother indeed called Zeffie ‘Scruffy’ on many occasions, mostly because Zeffie did look a bit shaggy from time to time. Angel then told me that ‘Scruffy’ really enjoyed the treats I gave him and enjoyed sitting in my room. [Although many people feed their pets treats, I was notorious for feeding Zeffie scraps from my breakfast, lunch and dinner plates and, as a result, Zeffie would come into my room where I was working five or six times a day.]

Zeffie, mixed poodle terrier
Zeffie, mixed poodle terrier

We then moved on to another topic. My father passed 19 years ago so I asked Angel if my dad could “come through.” I had barely finished my sentence before Angel blurted out, “Who is David?” That floored me since ‘David’ was my father’s name. I asked Angel to ask my dad if he had any advice for me. Angel advised that my dad was telling me that I need to take time out for myself every day, otherwise I might experience pain in my body when I’m older. Angel told me that my dad had not done this because he was always busy with work. [This was absolutely true, particularly in his latter years when he owned a business with his second wife.] Anyone who owns a busy blog knows how much time it can consume and I am definitely guilty of working too many hours. I made a mental note to heed my dad’s advice and make sure that I carve out a section of each day for “personal time.”

The third topic I wanted to address with Angel was some additional weight I have gained in the past few years that I have not been able to shed. Angel channeled my spirit guides and reminded me that women my age experience hormone fluctuations. Angel did, however, notice a childhood trauma that I was holding on to in my upper left side and that this was contributing to some of my weight gain. She looked at me and said, “Bike accident?” and I replied, “Yes!” [I had indeed had a very severe bike accident at age 12, of which I have no memory to this day.]

Angel then informed me that my spirit animal is a bear and that the meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence. Since I know nothing about spirit animals, I’m going to read up on people who have the ‘bear’ totem animal, as well as bear medicine.

We did cover a few more topics than are listed above to give me insight into my present and future. My reading with Angel Morgan was amazing. I was impressed with her ability to channel my dad, and my brother’s dog, Zeffie, as well as offer me advice from my spirit guides.

You can book in-person or distance readings with Angel Morgan on her website.

Angel appears on Newstalk 1010 “The Night Side” with Barb Digiulio every first Friday of the month from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fans can also listen to her on Stoufville’s Whistleradio 102.7 FM every Tuesday night at 8 p.m.


    • Hi Cheryl

      I feel that for a first time people should go to someone that has been referred and has a record of good experiences from their clients. It can be unnerving. Also,
      if a psychic ever makes u uncomfortable politely get up and.leave 🙂 our job is to empower, heal and guide. My thing has always been those who will read with me will when and if they are ready. Thanks for your honesty!

  1. Angel is gifted. I’ve known her and visited her for years. She can bring me to tears and make me the happiest person all at once with her gift.

    • Hi Crystal, It’s great to hear from someone else who has had a reading from Angel! I agree that she is exceptionally gifted! Cheers, Lori

  2. I have had both good and bad experiences with mediums. One was life changing and I long for another experience like it.

  3. Great article! Glad you see able to get some insight from Angel. I’m curious to see what she would say to me????

    • Thanks Amy! I think you would really enjoy a reading from Angel! The event was during the day, otherwise, I would have asked you to come with me! Cheers, Lori

    • Hi Victoria, Yes, I do recommend Angel over other psychics I’ve seen before because Angel’s reading was much more specific and helpful! Cheers, Lori

  4. I think it’s great to hear about other’s experiences. It can be daunting to find or try one out on your own.

  5. This is a very insteresting ability. I’ve never had an accurate “reading” but would definitely be open to it. There are so many people not around now, and I find I am wondering more about what my deceased family members would say if they were still here.

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