Tea For Sells Organic Tea to Support Family Farms Globally

Tea For Rooibos
Tea For Rooibos

Many people want to know how companies produce their food. For instance, are their products ethically sourced or are the processes environmentally sustainable? Tea For is a Canadian company that supports family farms globally by encouraging the production of high quality, chemical free, certified organic teas. Tea For sells green, white, black, Oolong, Chai and Herbal Teas. (Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary Tea For organic teas in order to complete this review.)

I love Rooibos not only for the rich flavour, but because it is caffeine-free. Accordingly, I requested Rooibos samples from Tea For and received Just the Roo-I-Bos, (a sweet, nutty and slightly citrus tea), North of the 49th (a dessert Rooibos tea with fennel, orange peel and cinnamon) and Icing on the Cake (another dessert Rooibos tea with calendula and vanilla).

Tea For Rooibos
Tea For Rooibos

Icing on the Cake Rooibos ($12 for 60 g), is a delicious, calming organic tea. This tea includes the healing qualities of calendula with the fragrant infusion of vanilla and honey. The taste of a tea is the first criterion for choosing your favourite tea, but I would suggest that the appearance of a loose leaf tea is the second and this tea, with its bright yellow dried calendula flowers, definitely won me over.

Tea For Icing on the Cake Rooibos with Calendula
Tea For Icing on the Cake Rooibos with Calendula

If you are looking for a spicy Rooibos tea, you may enjoy North of the 49th ($14 for 60 g) by Tea For. This loose leaf tea includes fennel, orange peel, cardamom, safflower and cinnamon. Tea For classifies this as a dessert tea since it is a little sweeter than their other Rooibos teas. This was my favourite Tea For Rooibos tea!

North of the 49th Organic Rooibos Tea from Tea For
North of the 49th Organic Rooibos Tea from Tea For

Just the Roo-I-Bos ($10 for 60 g) is a Rooibos tea with a slight citrusy flavour. If you are looking for a pure Rooibos tea, this is the tea for you.

Just The Roo-I-Bos organic tea from Tea For
Just The Roo-I-Bos organic tea from Tea For

Tea For sources their teas from around the world, based on the quality of the product, as well as how the company can positively impact the farms they support. The company’s goal is to give tea farmers the ability to run their farms profitably and comfortably.

Although Tea For states their tea is produced in the most ethical way, their tea is not Fair Trade Certified because its certification is a private enterprise which is susceptible to not being standardized.

When you purchase Tea For organic tea, you’ll be happy to know the company gives back to the community by giving 10% of net profits to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

You can purchase Tea For organic teas online.


  1. Nothing better then an amazing cup of tea! The fact that it is organic is even better!. This is a must try for me

  2. I am a lover of Green tea and I being mad about Organic food and growing this would be ideal for me. I wonder if they would ship to Ireland ?

  3. Loose leaf tea is the best! I do worry about ethical companies and that they support the small farmer. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this tea!

  4. What an awesome idea! I love that they are supporting family farms all over the globe! I would definitely buy some of this tea so that I could help in that cause, too!

  5. Calm and organic teas are making a move this year. I think many people are preferring it over synthetic teas. I like brands that support farms for sustainability.

    • I agree that organic teas are becoming more popular. Yes, I also like that this company supports family farms! Cheers, Lori

  6. I love drinking hot tea at work. I have at least 2 cups a day! I would love to try this brand especially because of the great support it gives to family farms. So important!

  7. I’m an avid espresso drinker however, lately I’ve been getting into herbal teas. There’s something just so cozy and comforting and them!

  8. I occasionally drink tea and I have very little knowledge about the different kinds of teas. I think I will read more about Tea For. It looks like a great company to buy tea from. I love their idea of giving back and helping tea farmers to be self-sufficient.

  9. I’ve never been a true tea drinker until recently. It has become part of my nightly routine. I love finding teas that are made with the highest quality ingredients in mind.

    • I used to drink coffee, but I now drink tea too. I also enjoy drinking teas made from high quality ingredients! Cheers, Lori

  10. What a great cause! I love this! I’ve always loved tea – and I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, so tea has always been my favorite! I love all of the varieties there are especially. This is great, thank you so much for sharing! I definitely have to check this out.

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