Mixit Allows You to Mix Your Own Cereal

JIM's All Dressed ready-made cereal from Mixit
JIM's All Dressed ready-made cereal from Mixit

When shopping for cereal at the grocery store, it can be quite a challenge to find a truly healthy product that is suitable to your dietary needs. So many cereals advertise healthy ingredients such as dried fruit and nuts, but when you open the box, there is a scarcity of those ingredients. Plus they often include all kinds of additives that are not good for you such as hydrogenated oils and soy lecithin. Mixit has filled this void by giving you the opportunity to mix your own cereals online. You add fruits, nuts, grains and sweet ingredients to produce a cereal that is right for you. The nutrient counter online will tell you how much sugar, fat and nutrients you have added to your mix. (Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary samples of Mixit in order to write my review.)

JIM's All Dressed ready-made cereal from Mixit
JIM’s All Dressed ready-made cereal from Mixit

Mixit doesn’t just offer you the opportunity to mix your own cereals; they also have ready-mixed cereals that you can order online. Recently making a pitch on CBC’s Dragon Den, Mixit prepared individual cereals for “Dragons” Jim Treliving, Michael Wekerle and Michelle Romanow. These ready-made cereals are available online so I decided to request the Jim Treliving mix: JIM’s All Dressed, as well as Tropical without gluten.

Tropical without gluten ready-made cereal from Mixit
Tropical without gluten ready-made cereal from Mixit

Tropical without gluten is a ready-made mix with organic corn flakes, organic puffed rice, organic soya flakes, organic oats, pumpkin seeds, figs, organic pineapple and pecans. It costs $15.90 for a 600g tube. For a gluten-free option, this cereal is quite tasty. It is not overly sweet, deriving its sugar from the dried fruit only. The corn flakes and puffed rice create a light-tasting cereal.

JIM’s All Dressed ready-made cereal contains honey granola (made from spelt flour, oats and honey), freeze-dried raspberries, freeze-dried mango, sliced almonds and natural goji. This 700g tin costs $15.90. Between the two cereals I tried, I have to say I prefer JIM’s All Dressed. I love the dried raspberries and mango; they add a sweet tartness to the mix and I found JIM’s All Dressed was a bit sweeter than Tropical without gluten, which was to my liking.

Shipping charges for Mixit cereal are relatively inexpensive: $2.99 across Canada. If you order six or more tubes of cereal, shipping is free.

Mixit cereals have a shelf life of about four months if it is kept in a dry, cool and dark place.


  1. I’m a big cereal lover! I would love to give this a try. It looks so good. All those berries. Mmmmmm!

  2. I think the cost is way to high for the cereal considering you can buy the ingredient yourself for a fraction of the price. Definitely the lazy I don’t have time convenience price.

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