These Easter Gifts for Women Are Inspired by Spring

Carmelo Collection Aqua Melamine Dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports
Carmelo Collection Aqua Melamine Dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports

Easter falls later this year on Sunday, April 16, 2017. That gives you extra time to shop for Easter gifts for women. Since spring will be in full bloom, many of the following Easter gift ideas for women are inspired by spring.

Carmelo Collection Aqua Melamine Dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports
Carmelo Collection Aqua Melamine Dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports

Carmelo Collection Aqua Malamine Dinnerware

The warm weather often translates into dinners or entertaining on the patio. The woman in your life would probably enjoy these colourful Aqua Malamine plates and bowls from the Carmelo Collection at Pier 1 Imports. Yes, I’m sure she already has dinner plates, but these turquoise dishes are reminiscent of the Mediterranean countries and will add bright colour to patio tables. If you act fast, you’ll get the dinner plate on sale for $8.76, the salad plate for $7.96, the bowl for $7.96 and the dinner for $8.76. Or just opt for a set of 4 dinner plates.

No. 14 Parfum Botanique from Province Apothecary

Traditional perfumes contain synthetic ingredients, some of which are carcinogens and interfere with the production and release of hormones. That’s why natural perfumes are increasing in popularity. Province Apothecary‘s Parfum Botanique is made from essential oils, with no synthetic ingredients and would make a great Easter gift for women. No. 14 Parfum Botanique, $46, contains a top note of Indian Cardamom, a middle note of Wild Ylang Ylang, and a base note of Frankincense Caterii, resulting in an exotic, spicy fragrance. Your nose will detect the spicy cardamom first, but after about 30 minutes, the sweet ylang ylang and the woody/earthy frankincense fragrances will emerge. Since natural perfumes don’t typically last as long as synthetic perfumes, I applied No. 14 in several locations – wrist, neckline, inside of elbow and behind the ear – to ensure the fragrance lasts longer. While synthetic perfumes irritate my nose, I can wear Province Apothecary’s No. 14 with no negative consequences. Purchase Province Apothecary’s No. 14 Parfum Botanique online.

Birds Art Life by Kyo Maclear

Books make great Easter gifts for women, but Birds Art Life, in particular, will help her welcome spring since this memoir by Kyo Maclear focuses on birds. The author describes a year in her life when mounting pressures sparked her desire to reconnect with nature by accompanying a birding enthusiast on his bird-watching treks across Toronto. As the title implies, the book is not simply a study of birds – Maclear reflects upon her childhood, marriage, children and aging – but birds are the vehicle that allows Maclear to reconnect with nature and find balance and perspective in her art and life. If the woman in your life is a nature lover, she will probably enjoy reading about birding culture and the many popular birding sites in Toronto including Humber Bay Park and Ashbridge’s Bay. This is a gentle, contemplative read that many women will enjoy reading as the birds return north from their winter vacations.

Birds Art Life is published by Doubleday Canada. Hardcover $29.95. ISBN 9780385687515

Flora Garden Stool in Orange by Safavieh at Home Depot Canada

Garden stools are on trend right now since they offer versatility and style for the garden. This garden stool would make a great Easter gift for women who love entertaining on their patios. This Flora Garden Stool by Safavieh will add colour to the patio, as well as an extra seat for visitors. You can also use the stool as a patio side table. The Flora Garden Stool by Safavieh is sold online only at Home Depot Canada; however, there is no shipping fee.

Sleeveless Scroll Lace Top from Northern Reflections

This Sleeveless Scroll Lace Top, $59.99, from Northern Reflections makes a great Easter gift for women since it can be worn under a jacket or sweater or on its own during hot weather. Pair it with a skirt of jeans. The bright fuchsia colour will remind her of flowers in her garden. The top comes with a knit cami to wear underneath and is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Raffey Earrings, $45, from Green Bijou

Tricia McMaster of Green Bijou designs earrings made from authentic vintage findings. These Raffey earrings would make a great Easter gift for women since many of McMaster’s earrings are one-of-a-kind. These Raffey Earrings, $45, feature antique 19th century cobalt crystal bezels. Purchase Raffey earrings online.


  1. Love the garden stool from Home Depot. I saw similar earrings at the Green Bijou booth at the One of a Kind Show … love their designs from vintage finds … got a necklace that was made from a vintage brooch.

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