Naot Sandals Offer Style and Arch Support

Yarrow women's sandal from Naot sandals for 2017
Yarrow women's sandal from Naot

By Lori Bosworth

April to October is sandal season for me. As the spring weather warms, I can’t wait to get out of my clunky boots and into my beloved sandals. Because I spend so much time wearing sandals, I need a pair that is comfortable and good for my flat feet. Thankfully, Naot has come to the rescue with their stylish Naot sandals for 2017 that offer arch support. [Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of Prescott sandals in order to complete my review.]

Prescott sandals from Naot
Prescott sandals from Naot

The Prescott Sandal by Naot is a great choice for a flat summer sandal. It is dressier than a flip flop due to its strappy look. The sandal’s cork and latex footbed molds to the sole of your foot. Unlike some other shoe brands, Naot’s Prescott sandal did not take any time to get worn in and my feet didn’t get blisters from wearing them. The best part is with Naot’s great arch support, my feet do not get tired after a lot of walking. This is because the arch support ensures your body weight is evenly distributed when you walk. The Elevated Footbed Centre releases pressure in the joints of your foot and the Deep Heel Indentation helps to keep your body balanced, as well as maintains the shape of your heel pad. All of these elements work together to provide the best conditions for your feet. In addition, the bottom strap of the Prescott sandal is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen it depending on your foot’s width.

The Prescott sandal comes in several others colours including:

  • Oily Blue Nubuck/Gold/Oily Emerald
  • Poppy/Gold/Orange
  • Oily Coal Nubuck/Gold/Black Ice

Naot offer so many great sandals for summer 2017. Here’s a look at a few of my favourites:

I love the Yarrow women’s sandal, $180, in Oily Dune Nubuck since it offers a casual, chic, earthy look. It also comes in Black Velvet Nubuck.

The Papaki sandal, $195, from Naot comes in several colours. This sandal takes a walking sandal to a new level.

The Malibu sandal, $165, is sleek and sexy. It also comes in Black Gloss, Sea Pearl, Aquamarine, and Quartz.

The Gesture sandals, $195, are funky and on trend, with a great wedge heel. Get them in Oily Coal Nubuck/Pewter/Brown Haze/Toffee Brown.

Naot sandals for 2017 can be purchased at Walking on a Cloud stores or online.


  1. I really love the look and sound of this sandals. Naot sandals have a reputation for being very comfy. I would love a pair.

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