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Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet
Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet

Fall is almost here. I know, I said the f-word and I’m sorry. But it’s true…September 22 is less than a month away. You may have kids going back to school and that requires a whole lot of energy as far as organization skills. Even if you don’t have kids returning to school, fall is a time when we start to focus more on the indoors, including enjoying more meals indoors, doing fall cleaning and discarding and getting our homes in order for the colder weather. While you are sorting through your kids’ clothes to see what fits for the upcoming school season, you might want to do an inventory of your linens and bedding to see whether you are ready for winter.

With that in mind, I was thrilled when I was approached by Canadian Down & Feather Company, a Toronto manufacturer of down and feather bedding products, to review their Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet. My current duvet has seen better days and is starting to come apart. I definitely needed an upgrade. [Disclosure: I received the Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet on a complimentary basis in order to complete my review.]

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Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet
Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet

When the duvet arrived, I noticed it came in a convenient carrying case. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’m used to down duvets, but the moment I pulled the Gel Microfiber Down Alternative duvet out of the package, I felt how fluffy and soft it was and I knew it was going to be a comfortable duvet to sleep under. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised because the Gel Microfiber Down Alternative duvet has a 300-thread-count shell. The interior features a synthetic polyester fill that has the same properties of down. Guess what? Because this duvet is synthetic, you can wash it. Yippee! Now, you will need to wash it in a commercial washer since it probably won’t fit in your standard washer. But the fact that you can wash this duvet is a major bonus.

Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet is very fluffy.
Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet is very fluffy.

After sleeping under the Gel Microfiber Down Alternative duvet for a few nights, I can attest that this is a very comfortable duvet and the padding is quite puffy. I did not find it too hot sleeping under this duvet, despite the hotter temperatures in Toronto.

You can purchase the Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet in king, queen, double and single and the prices range from $190-$120. (At the time of posting, there was a sale offering 20% off.)

The Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet on my bed.
The Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet on my bed.

Do you have trouble sleeping? You may not be sleeping on the right pillow. I always love the pillows they have at four-star hotels…aren’t they comfortable? Well, you might want to invest in Canadian Down & Feather Company’s The Down Perfect Pillow. Their Medium Down Perfect Pillow is their top pillow seller and is great for front, back and side sleepers. The company supplies this pillow to many Toronto and North American hotels. Aha! Now, I know where to get one of these super-comfortable pillows! The Down Perfect Pillow has a supportive feather core and soft down in the outer chambers. Have a look at Canadian Down & Feather Company’s website. In addition to duvets and pillow, they sell mattress toppers and cushions. You can purchase items directly from them online.

Me with 625 Loft White Down Pillow Canadian Down & Feather
Me with 625 Loft White Down Pillow Canadian Down & Feather


I have recently tried Canadian Down & Feather’s 625 Loft White Down Pillow in Firm and love it! This pillow provides a very comfortable sleep for me. I’m a side sleeper, but I don’t like my pillow to be too compressed; however, I still want it to be soft. This pillow is firm enough so that the pillow doesn’t flatten when you put your head on it yet due to the 625 loft count, it is very soft. It’s now my favourite Canadian Down & Feather pillow! The 625 Loft White Down Pillow in Firm in Standard Size retails for CDN$180.

I hope you make an easy transition into fall. Bring on the colourful leaves season!

Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company
Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company

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  1. Oh my gosh, this bedding sounds amazing! I love a good down comforter and this sounds like it’d be so much less maintenance–love that you can wash it!

  2. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for your upcoming giveaway. This is the time of year when I really remember how awesome great bedding can be.

  3. Our bedding is getting old and I would love to update with this. Sounds like it is so comfortable and warm! It would be nice to have this during our cold winters and to help me get a better night’s sleep.

  4. I have been wanting a down comforter or duvet for years! I keep thinking about it now and then but never just get one! Thank you for this overview of the Canadian Down Feather Company. I think I finally found what I have been looking for!

  5. I nice and comfortable bedding will give you a good night’s rest. I’m in the market for new sheets, I’m heading over their website to check their stuff.

  6. Love this! I have allergies so down alternative is the perfect choice for me. The gel and microfiber make this sound incredibly comfortable. I had never heard of a gel in bedding before now. Looking forward to the giveaway! Woot!

  7. That looks so great. Having a nice bedding and pillow is such an refreshing and comfy feeling.

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  9. My current duvet is flat on one side from the man laying on top of the covers. I could use a new one. And those pillows look so fluffy and comfortable too.

  10. Nice giveaway. But for those impressed with products from this company, i bought a conforter and a pillow (700$…) and it was not worth it. Both pillow and conforter seem empty of down even after being fluffed and pillow offers no support. Of course, i tried them so no refunds/store credit or exchange…Always shop in-store for these!

  11. Yes it will! I made the mistake to buy those ergonomic, memory foam, latex pillow and I went with neck pain for years! now I switched to my older pillows and pain is not there anymore!

  12. I have tried to find the perfect pillow to no avail. I usually wake up each morning with a stiff neck/back so I think it could definitely help improve my sleep.

  13. I absolutely think it would! It’s time for me to get some new pillows, it’s been awhile since they’ve been replaced!

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  17. Bedding is very important for a good night’s sleep. This would help a lot I think.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

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  19. I don’t get very much sleep. My alarm is set for 4:30 am, so I have to go to bed pretty early to get a decent night sleep. I think this down pillow would help improve the quality of sleep, maybe I wouldn’t wake up so much during the night.

  20. I think it would help because I cannot get comfortable with my pillow so I use two and then I get a sore neck.

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  31. Absolutely! I wake up with headaches and often find myself switching pillows and adjusting often, It would wonderful to get some proper rest

  32. I think this pillow would give me a good bight sleep i can never sleep mire than 4 hours due to arthritis in my neck.

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  34. I believe a Down Perfect Pillow would really improve my sleep and I love how it is good for back and side sleepers because I am one of them. The Canadian Down & Feather Company has many lovely products and I am happy to be introduced to them.I love to support all Canadian companies if I can. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway and opportunity to participate. 🙂

  35. My old down & feather pillow is more tired than I. A new one woul make a HUGE difference, more high quality shut-eye!

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  41. I do. I like that it is firm but also soft at the same time. I currently have two pillows that I alternate between (because one is too soft and the other is too firm) depending on how my neck is feeling that night. The Down Perfect Pillow sounds like the perfect solution.

  42. I really hope this awesome pillow will help me get a great nights sleep -I have been searching for the perfect pillow for a very long time

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