WonderBra PopUp Shop Features WonderBra Fit Experts

Fantastic Lace Bra from WonderBra
Fantastic Lace Bra from WonderBra

By Lory Diaz

WonderBra recently held a two-day PopUp Shop at 25 Charlotte Street in Toronto’s Fashion District! I was invited to check out the space, get a personalized WonderBra fitting session with a WonderBra fit expert, and see the latest collection of women’s intimate apparel.

Guests were invited on September 22-23, 2017 to come in and enjoy some delicious treats, while perusing the Fall 2017 line. The treats table included an assortment of beautiful baked goods like mini cupcakes, muffins, yogurt parfaits, and delicious toffee scones.

Treats Table at WonderBra PopUp Shop in Toronto
Treats Table at WonderBra PopUp Shop in Toronto

After enjoying a cup of hot coffee and a couple bites of the sweet treats, I was introduced to the WonderBra fit team and paired up with Irene. She immediately picked out a bra she believed to be right for my shape, and taught me about the measurement process, explaining every step along the way. She chose the Perfect Cami Bra (style E1735). Perfect choice, as I had my eye on it right from the start!

The Perfect Cami Bra comes with an underwire for a more structured support, but features mesh detailing at the neckline, allowing for added texture when wearing more low-cut tops. The molded cups also add shape without adding uncomfortable bulk. I may need this in more colours!

Perfect Cami Bra from WonderBra at WonderBra PopUp Shop in Toronto
Perfect Cami Bra from WonderBra

The Fall 2017 collection isn’t limited to a specific style though, as it has bras in a wide range of materials and sizes for all comfort levels. WonderBra also carries a great size selection: 36 – 42 up to DD cup size. They also feature a wider support band in the back panels and straps, ensuring that you feel and look fantastic!

T-Shirt Bra from WonderBra
T-Shirt Bra from WonderBra

I was also informed of the X-TempTM finish on their comfort-first line, like the wireless E2740 style. This fabric finish adapts to the body’s temperature and helps you stay drier despite the warmer temperatures. This is similar to the dry-fit material used in athletic wear, designed to wick away moisture. If you tend to overheat, this is definitely a feature to look for!

Flowers were available at the WonderBra PopUp Shop for guests to create their own beautiful take home arrangements.

After visiting the WonderBra PopUp Shop and experiencing the fitting session with the experts, I’m excited to go bra shopping, which isn’t the norm. Make sure to check out their fall collection, as I’m sure you’ll find your new favourite comfort bra. Stay wonderful!


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