Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow Reduces Neck Pain

Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow
Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow

By Lori Bosworth

I don’t always get a good night’s sleep and that is for several reasons: I don’t always turn off electronics an hour before bed (guilty!), I sometimes eat a bit later than I should before bed and my pillows aren’t that comfortable. That’s why I was eager to try Mediflow’s Floating Comfort Pillow when they approached me about reviewing their pillow (we’re giving away a Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow to a lucky winner…please see giveaway details below).

The Floating Comfort Pillow is water-based. At first I thought, oh no, is this going to result in a flood in my bed? But even though you fill the pillow up with water, it is secured in the pillow and does not leak. At first, I was a bit anxious putting my head on this pillow due to my fear that somehow, water would leak onto my bed. But after I realized that there really isn’t that much water in the pillow compared to the size of the pillow and after placing my head fairly hard on the pillow, I started to feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping on a water-based pillow. I have to admit that the first minute I placed my head on the Floating Comfort Pillow, I felt immediate comfort. The pillow has a 300-thread-count and is made from CombedLoft Fiber so that explains why it’s so soft.

Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow
Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow

If you’re wondering whether the Floating Comfort Pillow comes in hard, medium or soft, that is not an issue because you can adjust the amount of water that you insert into the pillow to make your pillow soft or hard. The instructions recommend that you fill the pillow with enough water to make it of medium softness and they tell you exactly how much water to add. In the case of a medium pillow, you add three quarts of water, which is what I did. You then firmly press the pillow to allow any excess air to escape, then you tighten the cap and you’re good to go.

A clinical study at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine ranked the Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow #1 in categories such as: how fast subjects fell asleep, fewest times subject has woken up, overall quality of sleep and reduction of neck pain. I have definitely noticed that since I’ve been using the Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow, I am waking up later that I normally do in the night, which means I am sleeping for longer periods of time. I also haven’t woken up with a stiff neck since using the pillow.

As far as cleaning the Mediflow Comfort Pillow, you just empty the water from the pillow, replace the cap and machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle.

Now in the mornings, I sometimes don’t want to get up because my pillow is so comfortable.

The Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back and it has a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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  1. I’ve tried a lot of pillows. Right now I’m using memory gel pillow and I love it. It’s firm and doesn’t get flat easily.

  2. My pillows are cheap brands and I barely ever get much of a good night’s rest, especially when I have a toddler joining me in my bed most nights, hahaha! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  3. I have tried many different pillows. The one i am using now is okay, but I am willing try another brand. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I have never had much luck getting the right pillow. Have spent a fair amount on ‘the’ one numerous times….Ooooooh for a good nights’ sleep!

  5. i’ve been on the pillow search for some time now haha, we have four on our bed and I rotate between them. Would love to try this pillow!

  6. At the moment I’m happy. It’s a memory foam and sufficiently supportive. But I know it’ll let me down eventually :0

  7. I’m not really happy with my pillow as I always wake up with a sore neck. I would love to try a new pillow and see if it helps at all.

  8. I definitely am not happy with my old pillow. I have gone through so many from cheap to expensive to help me sleep better. It doesn’t make a difference, I still wake up several times a night and get sore ears.

  9. I have a special contoured pillow for my neck. Its way better then a standard pillow but its just a cheapy from Walmart

  10. No, I always need to add a small pillow to my existing pillow to make it reasonable comfortable, would love to try this one

  11. I have purchased so many pillows through the years trying to find one I like. My current pillow is good but I still don’t sleep through the night and have a hard time getting my neck comfortable

  12. I am currently looking for new pillows, mine are feather and really were great when I purchased at Costco but think it’s way time for new ones and I may have to test this one out! Wow, great read and thank you!

  13. my pillow I have right now is kinda lumpy and old, I have boughten a few in the past years but they are never comfortable so I go back to my old pillow

  14. My pillow is okay but my husband needs to try this pillow. He has chronic pain from a work related injury and really doesn’t sleep at all. Thank you for this chance to win

  15. Right now, I use two pillows – a flat one and a puffy one. it would be nice to have one to take the place of the two.

  16. No! I just bought a new one that looked and felt so good in the store. What a waste of money! It doesn’t keep its shape at all and is so uncomfortable.

  17. I am definitely not happy with my current pillow and I have been looking for years for a pillow that is both comfortable and effective.

  18. i am VERY unhappy with my current pillow, and my last 5 or 6 pillows at that. I even spend $200 and then gave the pillow to my husband (who thankfully loves it)

  19. Thanks for asking! I hate my pillow! It is not the correct firmness, coolness or material that my diva body screams for during the long insomniac night time. I would love the chance to use your pillow to have sweet dreams again. Thanks for running this sweeps.

  20. I have gone through several pillows and am still in the search of one that works for me. The best one I found yet was actually at a cheaper hotel. Hubby joked I should have taken it with me. Not serious of course.

  21. I have many restless sleeps trying to find the right pillow. Right now there are 5 on the bed. 3 will be tossed to floor by morning.

  22. I am not happy with my current pillow and could really use this as I still have severe neck pain from car accident.

  23. I am not happy with my existing pillow. It was awesome when I bought it but it’s lost all it’s shape and support.

  24. No I’m not happy with my pillow because I’m always waking up with a sore neck. I’ve tried many pillows but cannot seem to find that perfect one!

  25. I have a pillow we all refer to as the German pillow…no idea why but its huge and its never lost its shape and I mainly use it for back support because I sleep on my side…the other two pillows are feather and are already flat (bought new in the summer for the camper)

  26. No I’m not comfortable with my pillow, I have to change it. I get neck cramps every now and then. My job is quite stressful, I work with young children and I do overwork my body often. You have a pillow that might be helpful to me, I’d like to try it. Thanks!

  27. I’m not really happy with my current pillow as it is years old and does not provide me with the support I need.

  28. have several pillows and not happy with any of them..either they go flat,are too firm…just cant seem to find one that is the perfect fit for me.

  29. As I type, my neck is in so much pain because my current pillow is awful. I need to get a new one ASAP! I’d love to try out the Mediflow!

  30. I am not happy at all. I actually sleep with blankets on top of my pillow to add some comfort. I just have a very hard time finding one that I am comfortable with.

  31. No, I’m not happy with my visiting pillow because I never have a good night’s rest. I’ve tried many pillows and still haven’t found the perfect one.

  32. My pillows were very uncomfortable so I bought a new set at Costco which are much better. They don’t have as much neck stability as I’d like but they are good for now. It would be nice to own a Mediflow to adjust to the preference I’d like.

  33. I have been searching for the perfect pillow and my current one does not make the cut -id love to try one of these pillows

  34. My pillow was supportive & comfortable when I purchased it a couple of years ago, but it needs to be replaced now.

  35. Right now I’m using a pretty basic pillow that I bought as a quick replacement for the previous one I owned. Haven’t quite gotten around to getting a quality one yet…

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