Dreaming of a Gated Mansion or Not?

A Toronto gated mansion
A Toronto gated mansion

By Nicolas Roy, guest blogger

Recently, I had to go to the Bridle Path in Toronto for a special occasion. This neighborhood is probably the richest in the city and one of the richest (if not the richest) in Canada. While looking at the properties, I caught myself dreaming about owning one and having the net income of the owners of those mansions. People usually say that our dreams are more valuable when they represent special moments with our loved ones and I agree because our families and friends help us create unforgettable memories!

A Toronto gated mansion
A Toronto gated mansion

The Power of Dreams

However, looking at the luxury cars, superb landscapes, robust security driveway gates and impressive mansions, I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “How could I afford this luxury and still be able to have the time and energy to spend quality moments with my family?”

Was it the proper question to ask myself? Or more importantly, was it an appropriate question to ask? I don’t know, but one thing is sure. I believe in the power of dreams and I believe that we should talk about our dreams to select and supportive people.

Can Our Dreams Become Reality?

Of course, if our dreams are too far away from our reality, things can become a little strange. Right now, I’m far from being able to buy a luxury property like the ones I saw in the Bridle Path neighborhood and I would understand if people doubted that this could become my reality.

Should We Listen to the Naysayers?

Some people would label the people who express doubt about our dreams as naysayers or “toxic people,” but I would call them “prove me wrong” people. Those people aren’t toxic, they are loving people who try to protect their loved ones from being hurt by self-deception. They may tell you, “Don’t think about it or you’re going to be sad, depressed or deceived by what you have now” or a variation of this.

The Best Answers Come from…

Since my excursion to this neighborhood, I have asked myself a lot of questions. It’s been said that the best answers come from the best questions; this quote crystallizes this idea: “People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.” – Thomas Merton

Ladder against the wall.
Ladder against the wall.

Questions I Had To Consider

So here are those questions that arose for me:

  • Would I really like to live in this neighborhood?
  • Would it necessitate me making big decisions to live in this neighborhood?
  • Would I need to learn new things to generate the income required to buy real estate in this neighbourhood?
  • Am I willing to unlearn what I already know and change my paradigms towards money?
  • If so, am I willing to eliminate the old version (including the old paradigms) of me?
  • Would I enjoy the journey and would the gated mansion just be a by-product of this new life?

Reality or Fantasy?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, be teachable and find a great authentic mentor, your dreams might become a reality. If not, they will remain only a fantasy.

Are Dreams Only for Young People?

Some people might think that pursuing ambitious dreams is only for young people with no responsibility and plenty of time in front of them. Today, with technologies, everyone at every age can have a huge opportunity to generate value to the world so everyone has a chance.

I like reading self-improvement books and I like this quote from Virginia Satir: “The problem is never the problem! It is only a symptom of something much deeper.”

Use This Paradigm for Anything You Want To Acquire in Life

This thought process began as a result of seeing impressive mansions in a rich neighborhood, but it can apply to any other thing you want to acquire in life!


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