Gift Cards Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Oeufs Benedicte with black forest ham, toasted English muffins with house Hollandaise sauce at Le Papillon on Front
Oeufs Benedicte with black forest ham, toasted English muffins with house Hollandaise sauce at Le Papillon on Front

Mother’s Day is coming up – it’s Sunday, May 13, 2018. You may enjoy taking your mom out for Mother’s Day Brunch in Toronto or perhaps you plan your own special event to celebrate the day with your mom. Either way, gift cards make great Mother’s Day gifts because once you purchase the gift certificate, your mom can choose the experience she wants. There are a variety of experiences to choose from including spa visits, restaurant visits, brewery and winery tours, helicopter tours, archery, exotic car rentals and more. Congrats to Jonnie H. who won our giveaway of a $100 gift card! [Disclosure: I received a complimentary gift card in order to complete my review.]

In order to try for myself, I chose the restaurant visit to Le Papillon on Front in Toronto and decided to bring my mom and family. We reserved a time for lunch on Sunday and informed the restaurant on the phone that we were using the gift certificate for our visit.

Le Papillon on Front Restaurant, Toronto
Le Papillon on Front Restaurant, Toronto

Le Papillon on Front serves traditional Quebecois fare, as well as other Canadian favourites. It was the first crêperie in Toronto.

When we arrived, we were quickly seated and our server came by to inform us of the daily specials. We placed our drinks order and then had a look at the extensive menu. Our server returned a few times to take our order: A few of us ordered crepes, a few of us ordered Eggs Benedict, one of us ordered the Club Papillon while another ordered French Onion Soup and the Cheese Plate.

The ambiance at Le Papillon on Front is very welcoming. Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and antique mirrors provide lots of warmth. Jazz classics play in the background. We noticed several large groups enjoying brunch while we were there.

Oeufs Benedicte with black forest ham, toasted English muffins with house Hollandaise sauce at Le Papillon on Front
Oeufs Benedicte with black forest ham, toasted English muffins with house Hollandaise sauce at Le Papillon on Front

Our food arrived within 15 minutes. We were impressed with the size of the portions, particularly for the Eggs Benedict, $13, which comes with salad and frites or soup. Both of the guys in our party who ordered the Eggs Benedict really enjoyed their meals – they said the eggs were perfectly poached and the black forest ham was moist – they liked that the Hollandaise sauce was served on the side as opposed to doused on top of the eggs.

Club Papillon at Le Papillon on Front
Club Papillon at Le Papillon on Front

One of my nieces ordered the Club Papillon, $16. This classic club sandwich included a grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese with a rosemary mayonnaise and was also served with salad and frites. She loved the sandwich and salad, but found the frites a bit on the salty side. I had a taste of the frites and agreed that they were a bit too salty.

French Onion Soup with crostini and Gruyere cheese at Le Papillon on Front
French Onion Soup with crostini and Gruyere cheese at Le Papillon on Front

My other niece loved the French Onion Soup, $11, and marveled at the amount of Gruyere cheese and crispy crostini that topped the soup. She said she would definitely order this again.

She also ordered the Assiette de Fromage (Cheese Plate), $16, which featured specialty cheeses from Quebec, identified by name by our server, as well as fresh fruit.

My mother and I enjoyed our crepes. My De La Mer crepe, $17, was delicious. The crepe itself was a bit crispy, which was great since it didn’t become soggy. It was filled with an abundance of shrimps and bay scallops and a delicious Bechamel sauce. I was definitely looking forward to having a crepe at Le Papillon and this exceeded my expectations. My mother order the Veronique crepe with chicken and seedless grapes in a white wine, orange juice, honey and brandy sauce and enjoyed it, although she thought the chicken needed a bit more sauce.

Me at Le Papillon on Front.
Me at Le Papillon on Front.

Overall, we had a great time at Le Papillon on Front. The service was impeccable and the food was delicious. As the amount of our bill was a bit below the amount of our gift certificate, we were pleased that we received a refund for the difference as this is sometimes not the case with other gift certificates.

Our giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Jonnie H. who won a $100 Gift Certificate for

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  1. We usually celebrate Mother’s Day by taking both my mother-in-law and my mother out for dinner at a restaurant.

  2. We celebrate mother’s day by making my mom breakfast in bed (usually a bacon sandwich, her favourite).

  3. we have contact by phone (for a long time!) as the distance between us is too great to travel at the moment. thanks

  4. my husband and little guy usually let me sleep in and make me breakfast and give me a wonderfully sweet card and then we go visit my mom and have a bbq 🙂 this year will be my first mothers day as a mother of two, can’t wait!

  5. We usually treat my mom to do no house work at all and take her to nice dinner and if there is any awesome shows down in toronto, I sometimes invite her to see a show with me 🙂

  6. I run the Sporting Life 10K every Mothers Day in support of Camp Ooch, who sends children diagnosed with cancer to summer camp. My mom likes to go on vacation with her sisters (also moms) and we celebrate when she comes home.

  7. My sons usually invite me over for a BBQ…..great to see them and great not to have to cook!

  8. I honor my mother in heaven, and celebrate my mother in law here. Nice dinner and family time

  9. I enjoy looking at the handmade cards my children make me and we usually go to a movie for some fun together.

  10. We have a bbq out on my parent’s deck for my mom & we provide all the food & prep & clean-up. Plus of course a gift for her, usually summer shoes!

  11. On Mother’s Day, my brothers and I take my Mom out for brunch and sometimes a hike if the weather is nice!:)

  12. We usually do something together as a family. My mother is 102, so it is always something to celebrate.

  13. This year I will celebrate at home with my hubby. I will chat with my mom on the phone and facetime with the rest of my family.

  14. My lives abroad. My kids try and make me something for breakfast. Then we go to my mother in law’s house to celebrate her birthday and mother’s day.

  15. I don’t normally celebrate. I usually get a card from my hubby and kids but, it is typically a normal day here. I always buy a small house plant for my mother and MIL.

  16. Mother’s Day is a day for family. My kids and husband usually treat me to dinner out or they bring dinner in and spoil me with presents (I’ve gotten bold and now give a list with suggestions lol but always act surprised). I really miss the Mother’s Day celebrations we used to have when my own Mother was still living, we’d all go visit her and spoil her, even though I was a Mom then, we made it more about her.

  17. Our daughter’s birthday tends to be the same weekend so I end up hosting a birthday party and doing most of the cooking/cleaning. Still a fun time!

  18. my mother passed many years ago. My son usually texts me. We used to take mom to lunch and bring her flowers. Once my son took me to The Keg for dinner it was very nice and a special time alone with my son

  19. I send my Mom a card and talk to her on the phone because she lives in Hong Kong.
    my son and fiance will probably take me out for brunch.

  20. I hope its warm enough to grab flowers lol – I WANTED to grab some already but its still freezing at night and I don’t always remember to check the weather app and then to go outside and grab what i’ve got to bring in or cover up – I seriously plan on spending a ton of money on flowers again this year

  21. We usually spend mother’s day with my parents, have a lovely lunch and spend a great afternoon together.

  22. We usually celebrate by going out for lunch. I’d like to go to a nice restaurant this year.

  23. My Mom lives in Newfoundland and I’M in Ontario so we can’t go for brunch together. I send her a gift and we always have a good chat on the phone on mother’s day.

  24. With my own mom we try and spend time together doing anything and as mother myself for the last 3 years I have not done anything yet since my son has challenging issues but hope that one day I will be able to have some time out with the family!

  25. My family usually lets me sleep in and treats me to some chocolates and a plant or two followed by a big BBQ.

  26. I usually get taken out for delicious fare, phone 📱 calls from faraway children and indulged all day.

  27. I don’t have family so this is not a day I celebrate. I usually have a book marathon or something that day.

  28. I usually spend mothers day at home with my husband and kids. We enjoy a family movie and a homemade breakfast of pancakes or waffles.

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