Beck “Hail” Feature Lets You Hail a Cab and Pay with the App

Beck Taxi introduces new
Beck Taxi introduces new "Hail" feature on Beck app.

With the introduction of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft in urban centres, many traditional cab companies are upping their game in order to stay competitive. One of the reasons many people enjoy taking an Uber is the fact that you can pay with the Uber app that has your credit card on file. Keeping in step, Beck, the largest taxi company in the GTA, has introduced the new “Hail” feature in their existing Beck app.

How Beck’s New “Hail” Feature Works

The way the new Beck Hail feature works is: You hail a cab from the street, you start your ride and then you scan the driver’s tablet for their QR code. The Beck app will charge the amount to your credit card on the app’s file. This eliminates the need to wait for your ride-hailing service as you are able to use the app for any Beck taxi you hail. And paying for your ride via the Beck Hail feature on the Beck app eliminates any potential problems paying with cash, a credit card or debit card. The “Hail” feature is part of the existing Beck app, which is now available for iOS and Android.

Beck Taxi introduces new "Hail" feature on Beck app.
Beck Taxi introduces new “Hail” feature on Beck app.

Beck’s Hail feature makes it a very attractive option when compared to ride hailing services. Initially, taking a ride with an Uber was much cheaper than with a taxi, but in Toronto, prices have evened out. And Uber uses surge pricing during rush hour, holidays and bad weather. And the fact remains that you cannot call ahead for an Uber – you must book it on the Uber app when you need it. Also, many Uber drivers are new to the job and/or are driving for Uber to pick up some extra cash. As a result, they use GPS tracking to help them get around the city. The majority of taxi drivers, including Beck taxi drivers, work full-time and have years of experience navigating the streets of Toronto so that they don’t have to rely on GPS tracking, which is often unreliable (think of those hapless individuals who have driven into Lake Ontario!)

Another benefit of choosing to ride with Beck and using their new “Hail” feature is, unlike ride-hailing services, they have access to all sections of downtown Toronto. For instance, if you are looking for a ride in Toronto’s Entertainment District, taxis and the TTC are the only modes of transportation between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. on the section of King Street affected by the King Street Pilot.

The Beck Hail feature is a great new feature of the Beck app. If you use the Beck app, you know that you can order a Beck from your cell phone, watch your taxi approach on the map, and pay directly from the app once the ride is over, using PayPal or your credit card on file.

Another new feature on the Beck app is “The Beck Signal”. Once you order a taxi through the Beck app, it activates an orange Beck signal with the car number. This makes it easy for Beck drivers to locate their customer.

Other Services Available Through the Beck App

  • You can schedule a Beck up to 30 days in advance;
  • Deliver a package across the city;
  • Travel in a Beck with your pet.

The Beck Hail feature means that taking a Beck taxi is a much more attractive option for Torontonians.


  1. I have noticed cab company’s around here also stepping up their game with new apps and such . I still prefer Uber though . Much cheaper .

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