Silk’n Beautiful Technology ReVit at Home Microdermabrasion

Trying the ReVit microdermabrasion device at home
Trying the ReVit microdermabrasion device at home

Whenever I receive a facial, I am told that I don’t exfoliate my skin enough. In fact, I use an exfoliator once a week, but apparently that doesn’t seem to remove all of the dead skin from my face. When Torontonicity was invited to have a complimentary Silk’n Beautiful Technology┬áReVit microdermabrasion treatment, I was excited and eager to learn more about the ReVit at home microdermabrasion device. [Disclosure: I received a complimentary ReVit microdermabrasion treatment and Silk’n ReVit device to use at home in order to complete this review.]

We were invited to a suite at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto to learn about Silk’n Beautiful Technologies’ range of skincare devices, including the ReVit microdermabrasion device.

Silk’n Beautiful Technologies manufactures several skincare devices that you can use at home including:

Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device, $349
ReVit Microdermabrasion Device, $99
Silhouette Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction Device, $289
Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Device, $299

Representatives from Silk’n Beautiful Technologies were on hand to demonstrate each of the devices. I was impressed by the Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Device since having laser skin tightening services by a dermatologist can be very expensive. The device works very gently to heat up your skin to stimulate collagen reserves. With new collagen being produced, the skin becomes tighter. We were advised that you need to use Titan for one hour each week to see results.

I also liked learning about the Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device. This device is used to get rid of unwanted face and body hair, even on sensitive skin. The Silk’n representative advised us that it could take as many as 6-8 treatments to remove hair, but that you would notice finer hair and/or no hair coming in after the first one or two treatments.

I had a ReVit treatment booked with aesthetician Grazjana, a walking testament to the effectiveness of regular skincare maintenance. The ReVit comes with three different diamond peeling treatment heads including precision, fine and coarse, as well as 30 filters.

Aesthetician Grazjana gave me a treatment using Silk'n ReVit Microdermabrasion
Aesthetician Grazjana gave me a treatment using Silk’n ReVit Microdermabrasion

Grazjana used the fine diamond peeling treatment head on of my face since I have rosacea and she didn’t want to irritate my skin too much. She explained that the ReVit device would not only remove dead skin cells, but the vacuum stimulation would store the dead skin in the ReVit device’s filter, By the way, one filter will last for 1-2 treatments. The ReVit has two speeds: low and high, low being better for sensitive skin like mine. Grazjana applied the ReVit device on the low speed to each section of my face, gently moving the ReVit in horizontal and vertical directions. She used the precision diamond treatment head for my nose as the precision head is good for small or hard to reach areas. When she was finished, she applied an SPF moisturizer to my face. I put my hand to my face and couldn’t believe how smooth my skin was. The ReVit not only rejuvenates skin by removing dead skin cells, but also improves skin tone, blurs age spots and irregularities, and softens fine lines. You can purchase Silk’n ReVit for $79.99 on here.

Silk'n ReVit Microdermabrasion Device
Silk’n ReVit Microdermabrasion Device

As with any microdermabrasion treatment, you must moisturize your skin immediately after using the Silk’n ReVit with an SPF moisturizer since your skin will be more sensitive to damaging UV rays.

About three weeks after I had the ReVit treatment by Grazjana, I received my own ReVit to use at home. I fitted the device with the fine diamond peeling head and read the instructions that showed which direction to use the ReVit on each of the areas of my face. The suggestion is to work on each area of the face for no more than five minutes.

Trying the ReVit microdermabrasion device at home
Trying the ReVit microdermabrasion device at home

I found I was able to complete my ReVit treatment within 23 minutes. I was really happy with the results. Again, my skin felt so smooth after using the ReVit. I immediately applied an SPF moisturizer after use. Due to the warm weather we are having in Toronto, I will wait another two weeks before using the Silk’n ReVit again as I don’t want to overuse it and expose new layers of skin to harmful UV rays. You can purchase your own Silk’n Revit for $79.99 on here.


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