The Down Perfect Pillow Provides a Great Sleep + Giveaway

Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company
Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company

It’s the Victoria Day Weekend and that has many of us thinking about summer vacation plans. In summer, it’s great to escape to the cottage or to check into a four star hotel in one of Canada’s major cities, or across the border. One thing I love about staying at four star hotels is sleeping on the luxury linens, beds and pillows. For that reason, despite being in a different bed, I always sleep better in luxury hotels. When I return home, my bed, linens and pillows are never as comfortable! That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Canadian Down & Feather Company’s Down Perfect Pillow. Our giveaway of two Down Perfect Pillows is now closed. [Disclosure: I received two Down Perfect Pillows in order to complete my review.]


Use my promocode SLEEP10-ROIVNG to get 10% of your order -> Shop Canadian Down & Feather . My promocode works on regular- and sale-priced items. Canadian Down & Feather offers free shipping to Canada and the U.S.

Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company
Medium Down Perfect Pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company

The Down Perfect Pillow in Medium weight is soft yet firm and provides great support for your head and neck. This pillow is great for front, back or side sleepers. In fact, this pillow is their top seller!

I am very picky about pillows! I can’t sleep on pillows that are too soft because I find them uncomfortable and they hurt my neck. But I don’t like them too firm because I still want to be able to sink my head into the pillow and feel comfortable. The Down Perfect Pillow in Medium strikes the perfect balance between soft and firm.


Use my promocode SLEEP10-ROIVNG here to get 10% of your order->
Shop Canadian Down & Feather Company My promocode works for 2021 and 2022 and is valid on sale items too! Canadian Down & Feather offers free shipping to Canada and the U.S.

After sleeping on the Down Perfect Pillow for a few nights, I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. It’s the most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on. One of the reasons this pillow is so comfortable is the Down Perfect Pillow has a supportive feather core and soft down in the outer chambers.

The Down Perfect Pillow also comes in Firm and is available in Standard, Queen and King sizes.

The Down Perfect Pillow in Medium from Canadian Down & Feather Company is their best seller
The Down Perfect Pillow in Medium from Canadian Down & Feather Company is their best seller

The Down Perfect Pillow is sold to local and national hotels and that doesn’t surprise me at all. The quality is superior to the pillows you buy at your local department store. So you don’t have to wait until you go on vacation to enjoy comfortable hotel pillows!

Down Perfect Pillows in Medium Weight in Standard Size
Down Perfect Pillows in Medium Weight in Standard Size

Canadian Down & Feather Company’s doesn’t just manufacture pillows, they also produce duvets, mattress toppers and cushions. Check out their website. You can purchase items directly online.

GET 10% OFF Canadian Down pillows and duvets (valid for 2019) by using code SLEEP10-ROIVNG here -> Canadian Down & Feather Company.

Our Giveaway to Win 2 Down Perfect Pillows, value $125, is now closed.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have to go to work. So it’s just a nice quiet day at home. Barbecuing for dinner. And might take the kids to Canada’s Wonderland to see the fireworks.

  2. My uncle will come by to visit and we’ll have a meal together. I’m hoping he’ll invite me to his new condo once it is built so we can relax there… he’s been visiting a lot lately.

  3. I am using Victoria Day weekend to get my yard Summer ready. My husband is finishing staining the pool deck and I’m rebuilding our firepit. Looking forward to the rest of the summer with our updated spaces.

  4. I’m celebrating… by working in the yard… I could use a nice sleep after this weekend.

  5. Trying to get well from a sore throat the past few days is what I’ve been doing so far this Victoria Day Weekend! Enjoy everyone!

  6. I am relaxing and enjoying the nice weather this long weekend by getting outside lots! Happy Victoria Day!

  7. We visited several garden centers and choose some plants for our gardens. Tomorrow we will have friends in for a BBQ.

  8. This Victoria Day weekend I am getting out for a hike with some friends and spending time with family.

  9. We are (at) a cottage we go to every May 24 long weekend for the past 10 years! Our favourite spot in Parry Sound Ontario

  10. I am celebrating at the office with my awesome weekend crew. Seriously, we are working 12 hour shifts right through the weekend but having a good time in good company with good snacks. I’ll celebrate more thoroughly next week when off duty.

  11. Spending all my time with my children doing fun things we are having a picnic in the park today and they love playing on the swings and slides

  12. I’m at home with my dog…nice and quiet! I can hear the party at the waterfront from here! lol

  13. Spending time with the family, planting in the garden and taking naps!! Would love to try these pillows by Canadian Down & Feather Company’s! Thanks Torontonicity for the giveaway and the information on this company!

  14. well so far nothing great BBQ’ed a leg of lamb yesterday and today I’m trying to get all the rhubarb used up – pie, rhubarb/ginger jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, rhubarb ketchup and it goes on….oh and picked spruce tips for northern capers.

  15. We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and spending as much time as possible outside!

  16. Celebrating Victoria Day weekend by spending lots of time with family & friends, sharing good food & playing games!

  17. Spending some time working in my gardens and getting rid of some of those yellow flowers that keep appearing.

  18. We spent the weekend working in the backyard, we got a new patio set and bbq so after building that stuff we cleaned up the yard and had some family over for a bbq, beautiful weekend 🙂

  19. I worked three overnight shifts (happily) and when I was awake, I enjoyed time with my family and reading in my backyard. 🙂 I’d LOVE these pillows! Thanks.

  20. I spent the Victoria Day Long Weekend in Montreal and Quebec City exploring the sites, culture and cuisine!

  21. I spent time with my family at our favorite bakery in Toronto for lunch and that is about it.

  22. My grandchildren were here so we spent time with them and I made a big meal including my once a year rhubarb cake for dessert. They couldn’t stay for Monday so I spent that day in the garden.

  23. We actually didn’t do anything . Any plans we had were cancelled . Which was a blessing anyway lol

  24. I spent my Victoria Day weekend in with my husband watching some movies 🙂
    These pillows honestly look amazing, I’ve been getting such terrible sleeps lately and waking up with a sore neck! Even if I don’t win this giveaway I think I may just have to look into these more! There is nothing worse then bad sleeps!

  25. We start our vegetable garden and have a mock camping in our backyard complete with campfire and s’mores.

  26. We spent it celebrating dad’s birthday with a BBQ, some fun games and great laughs!

  27. Going to head to our family cabin in Ontario and spend the weekend catching up with family we haven’t seen all year.

  28. I had the day off, so I got some things done around the house and hosted some friends and my boyfriend for a board game night! It was awesome!

  29. We’re going to spend the weekend as a family exploring our local town and enjoy some beautiful nature trails

  30. just relaxed. I have fibro and had a fibromyalgia meeting I lead on the 20th other wise relaxed
    these pillows would really be a comfort for me
    in so much pain

  31. Victoria Day Weekend was spent cycling around checking out CONTACT photography and enjoying the company of friends.

  32. We did some camping for the long weekend. It was very relaxing and enjoyable to be with family.

  33. We went camping on the long weekend and I tried to kill us by using the camp water to make coffee….dont do that, ok lol

  34. We spent the entire weekend in the yard. We cleaned up the flower beds, planted our veggie garden and relaxed on the patio with our Giant Standard Poodle who has his own lawn chair 🙂 Thank you for this Great giveaway. We could both use a new pillow and these look amazing !!

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