Canada’s Wonderland Introduces New Rides for Summer 2018

Lumberjack ride at Canada's Wonderland
Lumberjack ride at Canada's Wonderland

Canada Day long weekend is right around the corner, and instead of rushing around Toronto trying to find last minute parking to grab a glimpse of fireworks, make it a whole day celebration and head to Canada’s Wonderland! This year, Torontonicity was chosen to be a WonderBlogger so as a VIP blogger for Canada’s Wonderland, I recently checked out the theme park before the big day as they’re planning an impressive fireworks show for Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 10 p.m., followed by an entire month of birthday activities! Aside from the classic funnel cakes, here are some of my recommendations for rides and spectacles:

One of this year’s new rides is the 22m (75 feet) high swinging twin axes, Lumberjack! If you’re a fan of the pendulum rides that keep you completely upside down this one is a must, as it keeps riders going the full 360 degrees quite a few times. I recommend you do it on an empty stomach though, so skip the Tiny Tom donuts until after you’ve stepped off.

Lumberjack ride at Canada's Wonderland
Lumberjack ride at Canada’s Wonderland

After you’ve rewarded yourself with those mini donuts – which I personally can’t resist – stop by the West Coast Lumberjack Show being performed June 30 – July 15, 2018. This is a competition-style event with professional lumberjacks going head-to-head and showing the crowd how it’s done with events like axe throwing and climbing. This feels super Canada Day appropriate, doesn’t it?

If you’re craving another ride, check out the classic Vortex. I took this ride several times because I never get sick of the view from the top of Wonder Mountain! If you haven’t done that, make sure to get on the ride around dusk and peek at the gorgeous sunset overlooking the park. It’s beautiful!

Check out my video of the Vortex:

If you want to keep the Canadian-lumberjack theme going, you have to try Soaring Timbers next: an arm that reaches 20 metres (66 feet) high holds two rotating gondolas that flip guests’ upside-down in long arcs. This ride was introduced last year, but it seems to still mesmerize people walking by who stop to watch in absolute amazement.

Think you’ll need another break again, so maybe grab some water, reapply sunscreen, and watch the Great Canadian Fiddle Show playing July 1, 5, and 6, 2018. Fiddlers are sparing musicians, as traditional songs are faster to allow for step dancers’ rapid footwork and movement, so this should be a super lively show.

Another great view of the park comes courtesy of Windseeker! Most people see these swings as a kids ride, but I loved the opportunity to enjoy the vista from almost 92 metres (just over 300 feet) in the air. There is a spectacular view of the park, and a clear shot over Wonder Mountain!

If you’re looking for more spinning action, try Skyhawk, located directly beside Windseeker. Riders have control of how fast they can turn their own seat, while spinning 41 metres (135 feet) in the air, and without fail, there’s always one person who gets super enthusiastic and spins nonstop. I get a little dizzy just thinking about…

If you enjoyed the lumberjack competition, and want another display of athleticism, check out the Cirque Canadien! Their acrobatics show starts June 29, 2018, and runs until Labour Day, and is sure to be entertaining for guests of all ages. Make sure to check out the full schedule and details though, as Cirque Canadien doesn’t perform on Wednesdays.

I’m sure you have your own favourites at Canada’s Wonderland, including hidden resting spots, and snack options, so let me know! Comment below on your recommendations for Canada’s Wonderland, as I’m already planning my next visit!

Canada’s Wonderland, 1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, 905-832-7000


  1. This seems like such a fun summer activity! Super jealous of the not 100 plus degree weather!

  2. This sure promises lots of fun activities for every member of the family. I will have to add this to our summer bucket list. I am sure the grandchildren would enjoy every minute of our stay there.

  3. Riding at dusk to get the sunset view is a good idea. We have Canada on our list for next summer!

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