Splash Works at Canada’s Wonderland in Summer 2018

White Water Canyon ride at Canada's Wonderland
White Water Canyon ride at Canada's Wonderland

As a Canada’s Wonderland WonderBlogger, I and my blogger Lory Diaz will be sharing some of the highlights of our visits to this Toronto amusement park during the 2018 season. You may have already read Lory’s blog post on the new rides at Canada’s Wonderland in 2018. [Disclosure: Both Lory and I received complimentary season’s passes with a dining plan to Canada’s Wonderland in order to write our blog posts.]

Wonder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland
Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland

I visited on Friday, July 20, 2018 with a friend and our intention was to focus on Splash Works at Canada’s Wonderland. We picked the perfect day because the weather forecast called for a 35°C temperature and no rain. I hadn’t been to Canada’s Wonderland in several years and had never visited Splash Works so I was eager to check out some of the water slides and rides.

White Water Canyon Ride

We arrived around 1 p.m. and decided to check out the White Water Canyon ride just outside Splash Works. There was a long line-up for this ride, but it moved along fairly quickly. I think we waited about 18 minutes to get on the White Water Canyon ride. Fortunately, the line is situated under the shade of a gorgeous forest of trees so we didn’t have to worry about getting too much sun. Here’s a video of the beginning of the ride:

I enjoyed the White Water Canyon ride – it was much tamer than I thought. We did go over some “rough” water, but our raft didn’t wobble very much. We did get a bit wet on this ride. I would definitely go on this ride again, but would try and find a time earlier or later in the day when there was a shorter lineup.

Coasters is a 50s themed restaurant in Action Zone at Canada's Wonderland
Coasters is a 50s themed restaurant in Action Zone at Canada’s Wonderland

Coasters Restaurant in Action Zone

We decided to stop for lunch before entering Splash Works. Both of us felt like having fish and chips, so we went over to Coasters, a 50s themed restaurant in Action Zone. With the dining plan, you are able to order one complimentary meal every four hours. We placed our orders and waited about 10 minutes for our food to be ready. We were lucky to snag the last table in the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fish – to me, it tasted like halibut. The chips were pretty good too. The cost of the fish and chips was $12.99 if you don’t have the dining plan. If you have a season’s pass, you get 15% off your food order.

Fish and chips at Coasters Restaurant in Action Zone at Canada's Wonderland
Fish and chips at Coasters Restaurant in Action Zone at Canada’s Wonderland

Splash Works

Reinforced with provisions to tackle the water park, we headed to Splash Works and located the changerooms just inside the entrance. We waited about 10 minutes in line to get a changeroom and then quickly put our bathing suits on. We then went to rent a locker for our bags. There are small- and medium-sized lockers available to rent for $15 and $25 respectively. We found that we could fit my fairly large handbag and my friend’s bag in one small locker so we ended up paying $15 for the day. You cannot rent the lockers by the hour. Wearing just our bathing suits, sunglasses and flip flops and carrying nothing, we then ventured over to the Lazy River ride.

Lazy River Ride

We waited about 10 minutes before we were able to plunk ourselves in a tube and float down this ¼ mile river. Note: You have to remove your flip flops near the entrance to the Lazy River ride before getting into the water.  It’s a very relaxing ride – your tube might bump into someone in front of you, but it’s not a big deal. Be warned that near the end of the river there is a powerful waterfall that you cannot avoid so you will get soaked. I would definitely go on the Lazy River ride again.

Whirlwinds Water Slide

My friend convinced me to go on the Whirlwinds water slide. You grab a tube at the bottom and then have to walk up several stairs to the top where you wait until an attendant makes sure you are good to go. While getting into the tube, I forgot to hold on to the bar and I felt the current under my tube urging me forward. Fortunately, the attendant stopped my tube from proceeding, informed me I had to remove my sunglasses and hold them and then I was good to go. This was a thrilling ride as your tube bumps into the side of the huge S-shaped slide as you quickly descend. At the bottom of the slide,  your tube plunks into about two-and-a-half feet of water. There is a lifeguard at the bottom to help you get out of your tube if that’s an issue. I will definitely go on the Whirlwinds water slide again and make sure I hold on to the bar before I take off.

White Water Bay

After our “daring” rides, we wanted to relax a bit, so we headed to the wave pool, White Water Bay. Not surprisingly for a hot day, the White Water Bay was packed. We stayed in the water for about 40 minutes and enjoyed jumping over the waves.

Timberwolf Falls Ride

After we left Splash Works, there was one more ride we wanted to try: Timberwolf Falls, which is located just outside of Splash Works. The line-up for this ride had been really long before we went to Splash Works, but there were now only a few people in line…perfect! This ride was a blast! My friend and I both felt a little scared as we descended on a deep incline into the water and we got absolutely drenched. I looked like I had stepped into a shower with all my clothes on. But I loved it! This was my favourite ride of the day! Just plan accordingly if you are going on the Timberwolf Falls Ride because you will be completely wet after the ride. Watch the Timberwolf Falls ride below.


All that fun in the sun made us hungry again so we headed over to Thrill Burger at Medieval Faire.

Chicken tenders with fries at Thrill Burger in Medieval Faire at Canada's Wonderland
Chicken tenders with fries at Thrill Burger in Medieval Faire at Canada’s Wonderland

Thrill Burger at Medieval Faire

Four hours had passed since we had eaten so we were able to order a complimentary meal with our dining plan. I ordered the Chicken Tenders with fries ($11.99 without a dining plan) while my friend ordered the Chicken Sandwich, also $11.99. My chicken tenders were delicious – hot, crispy and not greasy. The fries were fairly warm and not bad at all.

We had a fabulous time checking out Splash Works at Canada’s Wonderland. It’s the perfect place to be on a hot, humid Toronto day. If you’re planning on visiting Canada’s Wonderland more than once this year, you might want to consider getting a season’s pass. Here are some reasons why:

Benefits of a Season’s Pass for Canada’s Wonderland

  • Unlimited summer and fall visits
  • Get 15% off food and merchandise
  • Exclusive ride times on select rides
  • Early Access and unlimited visits to Splash Works
  • Bring a friend for a discounted rate on Discount Days
  • Free parking (parking is $22 per vehicle)
  • Splash Works Cabanas discounts on select days


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