Food Options at Canada’s Wonderland

Veggie Burger at Canada's Wonderland
Veggie Burger at Canada's Wonderland

Torontonicity has been enjoying summer days at Canada’s Wonderland thanks to being WonderBloggers this season and receiving complimentary season passes to Canada’s Wonderland. Hot days are spent floating down the lazy river at Splash Works, while cooler evenings allow for walking around the park enjoying the games and lights. After quite a few visits though, I’ve now realized that food options in the park are quite extensive. So here is my guide to eating at Canada’s Wonderland this summer.

Season Pass for Canada's Wonderland
Season Pass for Canada’s Wonderland

Before we get into individual spots, did you purchase a Season Pass and skip out on the Dining Plan? It would be easy to ignore this meal option because it essentially doubles the price of your pass, but once you spend a full day at the park and realize how quickly the $10-$15 combos start to add up, you’ll see the value in the full season meal plan. Meal plan holders also get their own express lane at restaurants!

The full season dining plan allows you to purchase a combo meal at most of the restaurants in the park, but does not include a beverage. Chicken tenders, fish and chips, pizza, and burgers are plentiful throughout the park so they’re the easiest options for a quick meal. I always go for the veggie burger that’s made with black beans and corn, with a side of fries, because you can put your own toppings on it and I always go for extra pickles.

Veggie Burger at Canada's Wonderland
Veggie Burger at Canada’s Wonderland

Maybe you’re a pickier burger fan and want something a little more substantial. I’d recommend heading to the Muskoka Craft Burger & Beer stand located near Timberwolf Falls, just outside the Kidzville main gates. They serve juicy burgers, including a portobello mushroom burger that sells out quickly, and have Muskoka Brewery beer options available for cheaper than anywhere else in the park! These burgers are also included with the meal plan, so unless you’re ravenous, it’s well worth the walk over to get a better-quality burger. Don’t worry if you see a line of people waiting to be served, as things move quickly here.

Muskoka Craft Burger Stand at Canada's Wonderland
Muskoka Craft Burger Stand at Canada’s Wonderland

Craving some international flavours? Check out the Backlot Café outside Flight Deck, that has Mexican, Italian, Indian, and Greek options! This is my favourite evening meal, as they have a saucy veggie lasagna that comes with garlic toast that is perfect for sharing.

Veggie Lasagna at Canada's Wonderland
Veggie Lasagna at Canada’s Wonderland

If you aren’t sure what you want, but you’re really hungry and feel like sampling a bit of everything, check out the International Marketplace buffet. This option really makes the most sense for All-Season Dining plan holders, as the buffet is only $5 extra. Once inside, you can pick from a variety of dishes including salads, seafood, pizza, pasta, and a small dessert bar. If you just have a season’s pass, you receive the usual 15% off available to pass holders throughout the park, which is nice too.

Inside the Canada’s Wonderland grounds are some of your everyday favourites including Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway, and Pizza Pizza, so you’re covered if you’re craving something familiar!

Pizza at Canada's Wonderland
Pizza at Canada’s Wonderland

Most people look forward to having a Funnel Cake at Canada’s Wonderland, but my guilty pleasure are the Tiny Tom Donuts! I simply can’t resist a bag of the apple cinnamon babies, and always grab one even on a completely full stomach. Here’s a tip: ask for a second bag so you can save the mini delights for the GO bus or car ride home.

Tiny Tom Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
Tiny Tom Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Another sweet item to grab is the ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies. You can find them right near Vortex, along with many other dessert items made to satisfy every sweet tooth imaginable. Check the dip options, and don’t worry if you can’t pick just one! I go half-and-half with classic chocolate chips, and toffee bits. These are deceivingly big and messy, so make sure you have someone to share one with, along with plenty of napkins!

Cookie Sammies at Canada's Wonderland
Cookie Sammies at Canada’s Wonderland

If you skipped the All-Season Dining plan, just remember that it’s never too late to add it to your pass. There’s also an All-Day Dining plan available that allows you to eat every 90 minutes! If you’re heading to the park with friends, or a group of little ones, this may be a good option to investigate for saving money over the course of the day. Do you have any favourite Canada’s Wonderland snacks? If so, leave a comment and let us know what treats to try for our next visit!


  1. Yum, looks like they have some awesome food options! Trying delicious food is one of my favourite parts of going to amusement/theme parks so the all-season dining plan sounds like a great deal and something we would definitely get.

  2. We’ve never been but that ice cream sandwich looks amazing… I love that you have go halfsies on the dips! Talk about food options… love it!

  3. That is a good deal… the every 90 minute / all-day dining plan would be a dream for my foodie hubby!

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