She The People at Second City Toronto: Review

Tricia Black, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ann Pornel, Paloma Nunez (sitting) in She The People at Second City Toronto
Tricia Black, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ann Pornel, Paloma Nunez (sitting) in She The People at Second City Toronto

Torontonicity was recently invited to check out Second City Toronto’s new show She The People: Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing It For Themselves, which is currently playing on the 51 Mercer Street main stage. Once again, the legendary Second City Toronto crew has made us laugh hysterically! If you’re looking for a show that highlights the comedy behind mundane day-to-day interactions, the difficulties of navigating relationships, or the difficult reality of gender inequality still permeating society, then this is the show for you.

She The People was created and produced by an entirely female team, and is performed by all women comics, so they literally are showing how “sisters are doing it for themselves.” But that isn’t why this show is so great: the quality of comedy coming out of Second City Toronto right now is the most impressive it has been in quite some time. If you haven’t checked out their The Best Is Yet to Come Undone revue, you can read my review here, but between these two shows I have to say that Second City Toronto is killing it right now on the comedy scene!

Tricia Black, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ann Pornel, Paloma Nunez (sitting) in She The People at Second City Toronto
Tricia Black, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ann Pornel, Paloma Nunez (sitting) in She The People at Second City Toronto

The show runs roughly three times a week at varying time slots, but usually on Sundays, and then again between Thursdays to Saturdays with both afternoon and night performances. There are lots of opportunities to check this show out, and I would highly recommend that everyone do so. The cast give solid performances with impeccable timing, leaving audiences bursting with laughter throughout the night. In one skit, comedian Tricia Black is coming out of a coma and repeatedly spits water in her teammate’s face upon hearing of the current trends in popular culture. This doesn’t get old and makes for great silly laughs.

Another comic to keep an eye on is Ann Pornel! She’s such a funny human, who has the greatest energy on stage. She gives the most badass performance during her Rubenesque skit, that I wish I could watch it as a music video on YouTube regularly. Also watch for her silent skit that presents a couple about to hook-up, and the hilarity behind both undressing. I’m keeping an eye out for her name during this year’s JFL42 (Just for Laughs) schedule, and I recommend you do the same!

If you haven’t been to Second City Toronto yet for dinner and a show, what are you waiting for? The Second City Toronto theatre itself is perfectly located to head out for amazing dinner just off King Street West. If you want some delicious eats, and great wine or cocktail choices, you can visit our friends at Victor Restaurant located on the main floor of Le Germain Hotel. Check out my recommendations for what to eat at Victor Restaurant, and make sure to grab some of their Negroni which is on-tap at the bar!

Maybe you’d prefer to eat a small snack during the show or you just really love food from Gretzky’s? Well that’s perfect, because food served during Second City Toronto shows comes from the neighbouring restaurant and is delicious. The greatest part about eating during the show is that the front of house staff is super attentive and they make sure to keep your glasses full the entire time! My go-to drink order is the Blueberry Tea: amaretto, Grand Marnier, and Red Rose tea. The theatre can get quite chilly, so this keeps me warm throughout the performance.

Every main stage performance has an improvisation skit that requires audience participation, and it’s usually my favourite moment of the evening. I love seeing how the cast reacts to an audience members participation, and She The People does not disappoint. They have this fantastic skit that combines improv elements but focuses on important facts that people should know and what ensues is genuine belly laughs.

I have to say that it feels like the best time to visit Second City Toronto! You can’t go wrong with checking out either The Best Is Yet To Come Undone, or She The People, and both are perfect for a night out with close friends or loved ones that you can laugh at and with. The Best Is Yet To Come Undone has been extended until December so you have plenty of time to see that performance, but make sure to run and buy tickets for She The People. Support women in comedy giving it 100% in laughs and fierce realness!


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