A Visit to Splash Works and Construction of the Yukon Striker

Black Hole Slide at Canada's Wonderland
Black Hole Slide at Canada's Wonderland

This summer was hot and humid, and Torontonicity beat the heat by visiting Splash Works at Canada’s Wonderland! Season’s Pass holders get exclusive early access to the water park from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. during the summer, so I made sure to get in nice and early on those extra hot days. If you haven’t been in quite some time, or ever, here’s what I looked forward to on each visit:

My favourite Splash Works slide of all time is the Black Hole! Very simple in its design and construction, the highlight of this slide is that each tube is completely covered and made of opaque black material. This means that you can’t see as you’re slipping and sliding about on your way down – except for very small holes that let the tiniest amount of light shine in. Want some added excitement? Ask the attendant to turn you around so you can go down the slide backwards!

Black Hole Slide at Canada's Wonderland
Black Hole Slide at Canada’s Wonderland

Another great Splash Works attraction for those super hot days is the Lazy River! This is the perfect ride for those 40 degree or more super sunny days. The river has a couple of waterfalls as you pass under pedestrian bridges, so you get drenched as you enjoy the casual float-along. If you’re going with friends, don’t expect to stay together as even the best attempts can cause traffic jams along the river. Oh, and make sure to wear sunscreen!

If you’re braver than I and looking for an exhilarating slide, try the Muskoka Plunge that opened in 2017. This ride is 18 meters (60 feet) tall that features an enclosed launch chamber that opens under riders, suddenly exposing them to a total free fall! Warning though: no jewelry, zippers, or metal detailing are allowed on the ride, and only swimwear made for aquatic use can be worn (meaning you can’t go on the ride in a cotton t-shirt, or shorts that aren’t made for swimming). This slide is no joke, so make sure you’re ready!

I’m not looking for super thrills in the water, so I prefer Whirlwinds! This slide isn’t completely enclosed so you get to enjoy the sun while riding down this slide. You also get a fantastic view of Splash Works main space while you’re climbing the stairs up.

Splash Works from above
Splash Works from above

Are you taking the family and kids with you to Splash Works? Make sure to stop by the playground near the Wave Pool! With so many knobs, handles, and pulleys, this playground is made for discovery and exploration. Make sure to stand under the giant water bucket at least once though, as the amount of water that splashes down is a surprise and shock to everyone!

Maybe the water park isn’t for you, and you’re just a classic rides fan and thrill-seeker. If you purchase a 2019 Season’s Pass before the park closes this year, you get free entry for the rest of 2018! Wonderland is also currently constructing their biggest and most impressive ride yet: Yukon Striker. This is a dive category coaster, meaning that the main point of accelerating comes from a completely 90-degree vertical drop, eventually leading the riders into a dive below the Vortex pond! Intense is an understatement!

Yukon Striker is going to attract a lot of international attention for rollercoaster fans! It’s going to run at 130 km/h, stand almost 75 meters (245 feet) tall, and be almost 1,105 meters (3,625 feet) long! This is going to hold world records, so make sure to get into Canada’s Wonderland before anyone else so you can experience the scares, thrills, and dives before anyone else!

Yukon Striker Main Platform at Canada's Wonderland
Yukon Striker Main Platform at Canada’s Wonderland

No Canada’s Wonderland visit is complete without sharing a delicious strawberry funnel cake with friends or loved ones – I know, maybe overly romanticized, but I love these things! If you’re on your way to grab a funnel cake before exiting the park, make sure to stop and check out the Sick Kids fundraiser that enters you for a chance to win a three-year lease on a 2018 Mazda CX-5! After you’ve made the donation, cross your fingers and drop the yellow duck in the main pool by the iconic waterfall.  You’ll be supporting a fantastic hospital that does great work in Toronto and adding a fantastic pop of colours to the park! Good luck and enjoy!


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