Rock ‘N Karma Previews SS19 Collection at Karmafest


Rock ‘N Karma recently hosted a viewing party for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and Torontonicity was invited to check it out. The launch was held at their 789 Queen Street West store, where guests were treated to some sweet treats, good karma accessories, and a whole lot of fun! The Rock ‘N Karma line was started by Toronto’s own Naomi and Devorah, a dynamic sister duo who have made a name for themselves in the fashion world thanks to their Miracle Fabric, and colourful funky designs!

The Miracle fabric used by the Rock ‘N team has total stretch, meaning that you can pull it in any direction and it has a healthy amount of give. The huge difference to other forms of lycra or blend fabrics is that this one is completely matte, and a heavier weave, making it perfect for our cooler temperatures in Toronto. The thicker fabric combined with the amazing stretch, holds you all in while allowing you to move freely, and is completely comfortable.

Miracle fabric from Rock 'N Karma
Miracle fabric from Rock ‘N Karma

Another signature of the Rock ‘N Karma line is their bold colours and comic-inspired prints. Think Roy Liechtenstein with all the right kinds of fashion inspiration. The prints aren’t left as-is, but instead embellished with colourful sequin details, giving them an extra fun pop of texture and sparkle. Anything painted on the prints is done by hand, so you know you’re getting quality items that are as individual and unique as you.

Comic print with sequins from Rock 'N Karma
Comic print with sequins from Rock ‘N Karma

With cheeky lines focused on empowering fashion lovers like “I wear whatever the @#$% I want,” and “I will never stop wearing black,” you know this is a truly Toronto fashion line. I personally love their easy to wear jackets that make any boring outfit pop. My favourite is covered with holographic sequins, and their statement tag line.

Holographic jacket from Rock 'N Karma
Holographic jacket from Rock ‘N Karma

Their leather jackets are also noteworthy, and perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. I love the contrast of the silver leather with serious hardware, and graphic print accents.

The design team also has one of a kind jewelry pieces that are just as bold as their jackets. Their necklaces have so many details that it’s hard to pick a single favourite one, because the closer you look, the more you notice. I’m a fan of the fact that their aesthetic contrasts bold colours and biker jackets with incredible sparkle and detailing, and that they use nostalgic cartoon figurines in their accessories too!

I found an amazing Pizza purse in their shop, and can’t believe I haven’t seen this out in Toronto! Absolutely love this!

The back of Rock ‘N Karma’s Queen West store allows for a shopping experience as unique as the brand itself: graphic prints, bold colours, and even a phone booth set up for an impromptu photoshoot. Guests of the party were invited to try some delicious treats here, including some decadent chocolate covered strawberries that came with a flavour shot of strawberry tequila! I loved the cookies ‘n cream one.

So what can we expect from Rock ‘N Karma for SS19? As mentioned in my coverage of Toronto Fashion Week, vibrant and neon colours are absolutely the way to go. I admire that the Rock ‘N Karma team isn’t compromising their signature style though, because they’re sticking to Toronto’s love of black, but adding fun dots of colours. If going with a full neon outfit, or even a single piece, feels intimidating for you, definitely stop by the Rock ‘N Karma shop as their team is happy to help you find the exact right fit and cut for your body and personal style. Ultimately, as Naomi and Devorah put it: “…wear whatever the $%&# [you] want.”



  1. May I ask their price range? I’m extremely in love with this line of clothing. It’s as if it was all made for me, especially the jacket. I live about one hour away from Toronto and if the price is right, I would drive down right now.

  2. These are all niece pieces and I really love the leather jacket! This pizza purse is also super cute!

  3. These are pretty cool pieces. They’re personally not the kind of things I’d wear normally but I can totally rock a purse or two!

  4. Those pieces are so beautiful and that Pizza purse is so pretty, such a perfect gift to give for my daughter’s birthday.

  5. Wow! These are great finds. I am a huge comic book fan and would love to have the comic inspired leggings and pieces. This is definitely my type of store. Looking forward to see more of their collection.

  6. I think I will be able to find the perfect gift for a niece who loves that kind of fashion style. I will have to check this out.

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