Fall Colour Style with Lux and Nyx Ecofriendly Handbags

Admiring the gorgeous fall colour at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto.
I bought this blue sapphire sweater for $20 at Gap Factory Store.

[This is a sponsored post in partnership with LuxandNyx.]

There is something about autumn that is magical and breathtaking. Mother Nature’s gorgeous use of colour is spellbinding. I remember the fall season starting much earlier – just after the new school term began – and lasting well into November. In the past few years, we’ve had warmer Septembers in Toronto, which means fall doesn’t seem to begin until mid-October. This year, we went from high 30s (Celcius) in September right into single digits in October. It seemed that we had just a handful of days in October which you could really refer to as “fall weather”. Yesterday, we had a glorious day in Toronto: the sun was out and it reached a pleasant 12C. I decided to seize the day and visit one of my favourite Toronto gardens to bask in the fall colour, walk through the fallen leaves, you know, really experience the full spectrum of autumn colour.

Admiring the gorgeous fall colour at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto.
Admiring the evergreens at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
Kicking the leaves at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
Rosetta McClain Gardens is truly a hidden gem in Toronto’s east end. With a view of Lake Ontario, the City of Toronto managed gardens sits on the margin of The Bluffs. No pets or bikes are allowed, which makes it a much more serene and meditative experience compared to other Toronto parks. The flower gardens had mostly been overturned, with the exception of some mums and amazingly, the hearty rose hybrid, Julia Child, was incredibly still blooming in the rose garden despite our recent frosty days. At the east section of the park, you’ll find towering evergreens dotted with the odd golden maple. This is my favourite section of the gardens. I love admiring the stalwart pine trees and listening to the wind whistle through the crackling leaves. Most of the leaves on the maple trees were golden while other trees had about 40% fall colour foliage so it’s not too late to visit and take in the fall vibes.

I thought I would dress in my blue outfit to provide contrast to the golden hues of this setting. I brought my new Jane 1775 ecofriendly handbag from Lux and Nyx . The name of the handbag is inspired by Jane Austen! It was perfect to bring on this walk where I needed to carry only my cellphone, lipstick, car keys and mirror. I often bring a juicebox with me when I’m out and yes, that will even fit in this handbag. I think the gold-plated hardware and chain give it an elegant touch. You can also get this handbag in Cherry, Ivory and Tan. Did I mention that this handbag is made from Freedom Fiber Leather, made from microfibers? The handbags are also made in small batches to ensure a limited edition quality.

The Jane 1775 handbag from Lux and Nyx has gold plated hardware.
Enjoying the fall colour at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
The Lux and Nyx packaging is incredible. The handbag comes in its own dust bag in a large pink box. I’ll definitely be reusing the pink box to store photos or other cherished belongings.

Jane 1775 handbag from Lux and Nyx
Jane 1775 handbag from Lux and Nyx

I hope you get a chance to either visit Rosetta McClain Gardens or another local park or gardens while the fall colours are still glorious!


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