How To Feel Confident at Holiday Parties

Having some conversation topics prepared will improve your confidence at holiday parties.
Having some conversation topics prepared will improve your confidence at holiday parties.

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year where we get together with family, friends or co-workers and forget about our problems. For some people, though, the thought of attending holiday parties can cause stress and anxiety. People might be concerned about what they look like, whether they have the right outfit to wear or what to talk about at holiday parties. Read these tips to find out how to feel confident at holiday parties.

Having some conversation topics prepared will improve your confidence at holiday parties.
Having some conversation topics prepared will improve your confidence at holiday parties.

A Smile Conveys Confidence

A room gets brighter when people have bright smiles. A smile with direct eye contact gives people the impression that you are friendly, sociable and confident, and it will invite others to come and talk to you. Having good posture also helps boost your confidence because you are standing tall with your shoulders back. Your body language shows that you are physically opening up instead of crouching over and appearing to hide.

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Engage in Positive Self-Talk

It’s amazing how our self-talk can affect our confidence. Make sure before you attend a holiday party that your inner dialogue is filled with positive affirmations that boost your confidence e.g. “My hair looks great tonight!” “This blouse really brings out my blue eyes.” “I’m so proud of myself for completing that 10k run last week.” Write them on a Post-It note and stick them on your bathroom mirror as a reminder.

Have Some Conversation Topics Prepared

One thing that makes some people nervous when they attend holidays parties is not knowing what to say to others. If you are not an outgoing, talkative type, you might want to have a few topics up your sleeve so that you can spark a conversation if necessary. People don’t usually like to get into weighty conversations such as debating politics or religion at holiday parties, but they generally love to talk about their recent trip, movies they’ve seen, books they’re reading, their favourite music, sports team or restaurants. You can open a conversation by talking about a Netflix or TV series you’re currently binging on (“I didn’t think I’d be able to miss: 1) tonight’s episode of This Is Us 2) the Leafs game 3) The Great Canadian Baking Show to attend this party!”)  and asking your party guest whether they have seen it. They may respond that they don’t really watch TV, but prefer reading. That is your cue to ask what type of genre they read. Just remember: Keep it light!

Choose a Flattering Outfit

Even if you’re on a budget, you should be able to pull together a flattering outfit for a holiday party by shopping the Black Friday sales, borrowing an outfit from your friend or sibling or even shopping at second-hand stores. For women, a black skirt or black pants can always be paired with a jewel-toned blouse or sweater for a festive look. A dress in a solid colour is particularly flattering. A man can get away with a dress shirt or sweater and dress pants in a solid colour.

Take A Breather 

If you start to feel tense or are feeling self-conscious and need to catch your breath, just step outside for a few minutes or head to the washroom. The one good thing about the ubiquity of cellphones is it won’t look out of place if you look at your phone for a moment to decompress and maybe read a note that will give you a big boost of confidence. But don’t hide for too long. The trick is to return to the room with all the confidence you can muster, talk with someone, and build on that.

Holiday parties are coming and you don’t want to miss the delicious food and drink. By incorporating some of the tips mentioned above, you should feel more confident at holiday parties this season.


  1. It’s good to have a strategy to go to a party feeling good. It is funny how parties can be awkward even though you may know everyone! Thanks for the tips.

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