Useful Tips for Travelling with Seniors

When travelling with seniors, adapt your schedule to suit their energy levels.
When travelling with seniors, adapt your schedule to suit their energy levels.

The holidays are coming up and that means that many of you will be travelling either by car, train or plane to stay with family during Christmas. You may be bringing an elderly family member on your trip. If so, it’s important to be aware that they might require special preparations so that they are comfortable on your trip. Here are some essential steps to take before going on a trip with a senior.

Arrrange Special Travelling Requirements in Advance

Travelling with seniors can bring out certain differences for which you should be ready. While there are services available to meet their needs and requirements, you must plan ahead to have access to them. For instance, if you are travelling with somebody in a wheelchair, you will most likely have to book their seat on a plane early on.

When travelling with seniors, adapt your schedule to suit their energy levels.
When travelling with seniors, adapt your schedule to suit their energy levels.

Make Sure There Is a Doctor You Can Consult

Before embarking on your trip, you should do your research about the medical system at your destination. It is essential that you are able to get in contact with a doctor who can intervene should your senior companion feel unwell. Make sure you also have your senior family member’s current doctor’s contact details so that you can talk to a medical professional who is familiar with their case in the event that is required.

Pack Essential Care Items For the Elderly

From adult diapers to hydrating cream, it’s important to have a well-stocked care kit when travelling with elderly companions. Talk to your senior family members and their doctors and make sure you have everything they need. This includes any prescriptions and refills, as well as care items they use on a regular basis. You should be familiar with the proper way to use these items in case you have to do so.

Adapt Your Schedule To Suit Their Energy Levels

When planning the schedule for your trip, bear in mind that your senior companions will get tired more easily than you will. You should adapt the trip plan so that it is suitable to their energy levels. Make sure you keep their needs at the forefront. For instance, if you have a lot of walking included in a certain part of the day, bring an abdominal binder with you to make it easier for them to walk without a lot of pain.

Take Medical Information With You

When preparing for the trip, you will most likely pack ID cards and passports for everybody. But when it comes to seniors, it is always a good idea to have their essential medical information with you as well. If they should become ill and have to see a new doctor, having their medical data with you will make the process much easier.

Have An Emergency System Set Up

While this is a good idea for all the members of your travel group, establishing an emergency system in case anyone happens to get lost or separated from the others is absolutely essential when it comes to seniors. Write down their information, including name, best emergency contact, and the illnesses they are experiencing so that anyone who locates them will be aware of their medical details. Aside from this, setting up a system that your elderly companion is familiar with is equally important. In case you get separated from one another, always have a designated meeting point of which you are both aware.