3 Options To Consider If You Are Living With Tattoo Regret

Tattoo regret happens when the tattoo reminds the person of someone they would rather forget.
Tattoo regret happens when the tattoo reminds the person of someone they would rather forget.

I have never been a piercing or tattoo type of gal, with the exception of having my ears pierced at a young age. That’s not to say I don’t admire a cool tattoo on someone else, but I never wanted to get a tattoo because of its permanency. Also, I wouldn’t like a tattoo showing if I were wearing an evening dress. I also don’t like the idea of ink being ingrained on my body. That’s just me, however, and I know there are many people who love getting tattoos.

Some people love their tattoos from the moment they get them until the day they die. Others look back and wish they had not made the decision. Known as tattoo regret, this can happen because the tattoo doesn’t look so great as the person ages, the tattoo reminds the person of someone they’d rather forget, or the person’s tastes change. Fortunately, the team at Black Line Tattoo Studios has suggestions for people who wished they had taken a different road way back when. Consider these three solutions if you experience tattoo regret.

Tattoo regret happens when the tattoo reminds the person of someone they would rather forget.
Tattoo regret happens when the tattoo reminds the person of someone they would rather forget.

Cover-Ups are a Great Solution

It’s not so much that you regret getting a tattoo; it’s more about the design itself. When this is the case, consider the idea of tattoo cover-ups and turn the regret into something you truly like.

The concept of a cover-up is to update the tattoo design so that it’s something that aligns with the way you feel and think today. All of the elements of the old tattoo are incorporated, but are somewhat altered to fit in with the new design. When the artist is done, the cover-up gives you something brand new.

For example, perhaps in a moment of infatuation you had the name of someone tattooed on your arm. The relationship went south, but the tattoo remains. Did you know that a talented artist can use a combination of new colours and other elements to make the old tattoo seemingly disappear? Rather than seeing a name, others will notice you have a tattoo of some exotic flower, animal, musical act, or whatever you like for the subject matter. While it may take some time and effort, that reminder is gone and you have something new and more to your liking.

Go Old School and Have It Cut Out

If you just want the tattoo gone instead of being covered by something new, you could choose to have it cut out altogether. This solution requires surgically removing enough layers of skin to get rid of all the tattoo ink. While it’s an option, this is not an approach that the team at Toronto’s Black Line Tattoo Studios will recommend.

What you will learn is that of all the tattoo removal or replacement options open to you, having a tattoo cut out carries the most risk. The potential for infection is significant and it will take some time for the area to heal. Expect to wear bandages and have to change them on a regular basis. In addition, removing that portion of the skin will leave an obvious scar.

Think About Laser Removal

Along with tattoo cover-ups, laser removal is a better option than surgical removal. The laser approach may take multiple sessions and it is more expensive. The good thing is that this process removes the ink pigment from your skin so that you don’t end up with the scarring that comes from cutting the tattoo out.

Before you make any decision about that old tattoo, talk with the team at Black Line Tattoo Studios and see what can be done. In most cases, tattoo cover-ups are the most practical, the most cost effective, and the most attractive solution. You will be amazed at how the team can transform something old that you no longer like into something that you are proud for everyone to see.



  1. I’m in the process of laser tattoo removal and it’s SO PAINFUL – worse than getting the tattoo itself! Some great advice here though xx

    xx Bry Jaimea | bryjaimea.com

  2. I have a few tattoos and I can’t say I regret any of them. These are great
    Tips and I hope I never have to get rid of any

  3. I wanted to get a tattoo so bad when I was younger, but because of school restrictions, I never did get the chance to have one. I would still like just one small dragon tattoo, but I am seriously considering all aspects of the procedure. I am diabetic and I fear there might be consequences. Thanks for these tips though. I will share it with my friend who wants her tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name removed.

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