Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding planning checklist will help you organize your wedding, photo Takmeomeo on PIxabay.
A wedding planning checklist will help you organize your wedding, photo Takmeomeo on PIxabay.

Perhaps you got engaged over the holidays? It’s great to enjoy the feeling of your new engagement, but you will have to start planning for your wedding as soon as possible because many wedding vendors are booked a year in advance. You can start planning your wedding using the following wedding planning checklist:

Create a Wedding Folder

This is the fun part! Start doing your research for your dream wedding. Take some time to leaf through bridal, fashion, lifestyle, and food magazines. Tear or cut out the pages that you find inspirational. Other options for finding wedding ideas include browsing through social media sites, such as Pinterest. Check out the official Pinterest page for venues, wedding dress stores, and florists for even more inspiration. Make sure that you include ideas in your folder for wedding flowers and bouquets, wedding reception table decor, and even wedding colour palettes.

A wedding planning checklist will help you organize your wedding, photo Takmeomeo on PIxabay.
A wedding planning checklist will help you organize your wedding, photo Takmeomeo on PIxabay.

Decide on a Budget

It’s time to crunch some numbers! After you’ve gathered some ideas for your perfect day, start creating a budget. You’ll need to decide whether you want to set a strict budget and stick to it or simply create a general idea of how much you want to spend. This step needs to be done with your partner! Sit down and frankly discuss how much you are willing (and able) to spend on your wedding. You might want to ask your families if they are willing to contribute. Your families may be unwilling or unable to contribute, but it’s important to know either way at this stage. Even though discussions of money are sometimes uncomfortable, this is a necessary step in planning your wedding and moving forward.

Choose Your Wedding Party and Guest List

It’s decision time! After you’ve solidified your budget, you are now able to carefully select your wedding party and guest list. Work with your spouse to decide who are your nearest and dearest friends. Of course, immediate family members and close friends will be on your guest list, but you’ll have to decide whether you want to invite more distant relatives such as second cousins, friends you don’t see as often and work colleagues. When deciding on the guest list, work with your parents to determine if they have any close friends they would like to invite.

Reserve Your Wedding Venue

There are so many choices! After you’ve decided how many people will be attending your wedding, you’ll be able to choose a location that fits your needs. Refer back to your initial plans to find a venue that fits with your preferred aesthetics. Are you considering a destination wedding? If so, you may find that many of your guests cannot afford to attend. Don’t be afraid to consider non-traditional wedding venues, which may be more affordable than traditional wedding venues and be sure to talk to your family and friends in case they have any ideas to contribute.

Choose a Photographer, Florist, Caterer and Band

You’ve almost made it! Now is the time to find a photographer, florist, caterer, and band. Flip through local wedding websites to set up appointments to find the right vendors for you and your future spouse. You can also attending wedding shows to meet with vendors in person. Another way to choose wedding vendors is to get referrals from family members or friends who have recently been married. 10tation wedding catering services in Toronto can help you create a beautiful wedding by providing a delicious wedding menu. Their staff provides more than just menu planning, but will also assist you with decor and venue selection.

Hopefully, this wedding planning checklist will help you feel more organized. Take a few deep breaths. It’s all going to work out just fine!