Sahajan Skincare Made with Ayurvedic Ingredients


I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Mattam, owner of Sahajan Skincare, at the recent MNDFL Beauty Pop Up at The Jam Factory. Sahajan Skincare is a Canadian clean beauty line that incorporates Ayurvedic ingredients to provide balance and nourishment to your skin.

If you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, it is an ancient Hindu system of medicine that recognizes that we each fall under three different body/mind systems or doshas: Pitta, Kapha or Vata or a combination of them. What this means is foods, sleep patterns and exercise habits that are beneficial for a Kapha type could be ineffective for a Vata or Pitta type and vice versa.

Ayurveda uses many ingredients with which you may already be familiar: contain plants, herbs and fruits such as mango, lemongrass, Indian Laburnam, Himalayan Fir, chamomile, Indian cassia, aloe vera, garlic, Asoka Tree, fennel, arjuna, jasmine, Indian Sarsaparilla, cabbage rose, Lodh tree, bacopa, hibiscus, jambolan, Indian frankincense, and Gotu Kola.

Sahajan Ayurvedic Blend Balance Toner
Sahajan Ayurvedic Blend Balance Toner

Sahajan Balance Ayurvedic Blend Toner

It’s hard to believe that I used to skip wearing a toner (because I didn’t understand its benefits), but Sahajan Balance Ayurvedic Blend Toner is now one of my favourite toners! As soon as I put this toner on my face, I inhale the aroma and feel balanced and grounded. Balance Ayurvedic Blend Toner also provides additional cleansing to my regular daily cleanser, as well as exfoliates due to its key ingredients of lemon, orange and bilberry extracts. The Moringa Oil brightens my skin while the Rose Water calms my rosacea. The smell is amazing and I find, very calming.

Sahajan Ayurvedic Blend Nourish Face Cream

This face cream is particularly good for my skin because it contains riphala, which is a powerful source of Vitamin C to help brighten the skin. Gotu Kola enhances collagen production while Coconut Oil provides hydration. I love the creamy texture is creamy, neither too thin or too thick. Unlike some face creams, Nurture doesn’t have to be reapplied later in the day as I find my skin is smooth and hydrated all day long.

Sahajan Ayurvedic Blend Nurture Hair Oil
Sahajan Ayurvedic Blend Nurture Hair Oil

Sahajan Nurture Hair Oil

When I first heard about Nurture Hair Oil, my gut instinct was, “Why would I add oil to my hair? Won’t it make it greasy?” When I met Sahajan owner Lisa Mattam at the MNDFL Green Beauty Pop Up in Toronto, Lisa asked if I would like to try some Nurture Hair Oil on the ends of my hair. Looking at her shiny head of hair, I responded, “Sure.” Lisa shared with me that this was a beauty secret her parents passed on to her: using oil to keep hair shiny and healthy. My hair, in fact, is not greasy. Maybe that’s as a result of washing it only every three or four days…something I never would have done when younger. But my hair could definitely use an added shine and that’s what Nurture Hair Oil does for me. I use an amount the size of a quarter and rub it in both hands before applying it to the bottom half of my hair.

What’s Your Dosha?

Vata Skin Type

  • dry, thin, cool
  • dehydrated
  • irritated by dry, windy weather

Pitta Skin Type

  • ruddy complexion, warm
  • prone to freckles, moles
  • skin often breaks out
  • very sensitive to UV rays
  • does not tolerate hot food

Kapha Skin Type

  • greasy, thick
  • prone to clogged pores and acne
  • tolerates UV rays