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Although we officially were in the winter season last month, the weather has finally caught up and we are now experiencing a deep freeze in Toronto. During the winter months, I find I like to spend more time cooking and discovering new recipes. So I was pleased when I was offered the chance to review two new cookbooks: Oven to Table by Jan Scott and The Living Kitchen by Tamara Green, B.A., CNP and Jan Grossman, B.A., CNP. [We’re giving away a copy of each cookbook to one lucky reader…see giveaway details below.]

The Living Kitchen by Tamara Green, BA, CNP and Jan Grossman, BA, CNP

Published by Penguin Random House Canada, ISBN: 978-0-14-753063-9, $32 CDN.

The Living Kitchen was created as a guidebook for people experiencing cancer treatment and recovery. The idea was to create recipes that help heal the body. Both of the authors worked as holistic nutritionists and had several clients who faced a cancer diagnosis. Their company, Living Kitchen, offer nutrition counselling, cooking instruction and meal delivery. When cancer touched the lives of family members and friends, the authors decided to focus on the nutrition cancer patients needed to regain their health. The authors stress the importance of ditching processed foods in favour of whole foods made with real ingredients. The authors explain that epigenetics research found that, although your DNA cannot be changed, your genes can be turned on or off by the foods you eat, which means that certain foods can help “reverse abnormal gene activations.” The cookbook also outlines the beneficial foods to eat for cancer patients, as well as foods to avoid. For example, processed meats that are smoked should be avoided because they contain nitrates that form carcinogens in the body and barbecued red meat “produces compounds that cause genetic mutations”.

The recipes include Soups, Smoothies, Omnivore Mains, Vegetarian Mains, Side Dishes, Snacks, Desserts, Sauces, Marinades and Dressings. Most of the recipes are accompanied by a colour image, which I find helpful since you get an idea of what the recipe should look like. Just because these recipes are healthy, don’t for a minute think that these recipes are not appealing. For instance, how do Sea Salt Quinoa Chocolate Bars sound? I will give them five stars for the instructions, which are written in basic English and understood at first glance. There’s nothing worse than having to decipher recipe instructions!

Oven to Table by Jan Scott

Published by Penguin Random House Canada, ISBN: 978-0-7352-3449-9, $32 CDN.

If you have a busy schedule, are a working parent doing double duty or simply do not like cleaning up after cooking, Oven to Table is for you. Food writer and blogger Jan Scott (you’ll find her blog at Family Bites) has created a cookbook that features over 100 One Pot and One Pan recipes including Sheet Pan Recipes to not only save you time cleaning up, but to help you prepare batch recipes that can be frozen for later consumption. Scott cautions that one pot cooking is not simply throwing all ingredients into the pot and hoping for the best. There are steps to be followed, even in one pot or one pan cooking, such as browning meat beforehand or placing chicken or beef in the freezer for a few minutes so that it will be easier to slice. The most important tip Scott offers is to read through the whole recipe before you begin so that you are not caught off guard mid-recipe.

Recipes are meat-based and vegetarian although several recipes can easily be converted to vegan such as Cajun Quinoa with Chicken and Peppers. Each recipe lists at the top whether it is vegetarian, gluten free, kid friendly, make ahead and/or quick cooking. Most of the recipes are accompanied by full page, well-styled colour images of the recipe. I can’t wait to try One Pan Paella. How does Overnight French Toast Casserole sound?

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  1. I am looking for recipes that can easily be adapted to use in my Insta pot. I enjoy cooking from scratch, willing to try most things!

  2. I’m looking for easy and healthy recipes, I am so used to making big meat and potato meals and need to learn how to cook healthy

  3. I love cooking one pot meals, stir fry , lasagne, chili, anything that is one pot so its easy but also quick to clean up

  4. I would love to find an easy bourbon chicken recipe! I used to have one but it had been lost for almost 2 decades.

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