Five Ways Couples Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Cooking classes at Aphrodite Cooks are popular cooking classes in Toronto.
Cooking class at Aphrodite Cooks

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for couples to go on dates, enjoy each other’s company and renew their relationship. There are a lot of things that couples can do to celebrate. The celebration does not have to be expensive; it’s more important that Valentine’s Day is a memorable event for you and your significant other. If you are looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are five ways couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Netflix and Order Food in

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day is to curl up on the couch with your significant other and watch the latest film or series on Netflix. Couples who have busy work schedules are often thrilled to be able to spend some quality time together at home. You can choose a romantic or action-filled flick and make the evening really special and relaxing by ordering a special meal from a local restaurant. Some of the best series/movies on Netflix right now are The Crown, Marriage Story, and The Two Popes.


Skating is a unique and healthy way to spend Valentine’s Day as a couple. You might want to consider inviting another couple to join you or perhaps you prefer to keep it intimate. There is nothing more romantic than holding your loved one’s hand as you glide along the ice under the stars. You’ll be able to choose from several outdoor skating rinks in Toronto including Harbourfront Centre Natrel Rink, The Bentway or the outdoor rink at Nathan Phillips Square.

My painting on the right and my two neighbours' paintings at Paint Nite at Midtown Gastro Hub.
My painting on the right and my two neighbours’ paintings at Paint Nite at Midtown Gastro Hub.

Paint Nite

If you want to break out of a Valentine’s Day rut, why not try something new such as attending a painting class together? You’ll express your creativity while being guided by your instructor to paint your own personal masterpiece. Some paint events are held in restaurants where you can spend the evening painting while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Paint Cabin on Gerrard St. E. is hosting a painting event on Friday, February 20, 2020 at 7 p.m. for $45 per person. Paint Nite also offers several paint events in Toronto on Friday, February 14, 2020, but book them soon as they are filling up.

Cooking classes at Aphrodite Cooks are popular cooking classes in Toronto.
Cooking class at Aphrodite Cooks

Cooking Class for Couples

If the stomach is the way to a wo/man’s heart, a cooking class for Valentine’s Day is both romantic and practical. You’ll be cooking an exquisite meal side-by-side with your partner, which you’ll then be able to enjoy. You’ll also both be picking up new skills and learning new dishes that you can add to your menu rotation at home. Many Toronto cooking schools offer Valentine’s Day classes, but hurry and sign up as they are filling up fast. The Chef Upstairs is one cooking venue that offers cooking classes on Valentine’s Day. If you are vegetarian or and vegan, check out the Indian food cooking class on February 14, 2020 at Aphrodite Cooks.

Dinner and Drinks at a Restaurant

Dinner at a restaurant is a perfect escape for couples who have kids, are busy with work, or who haven’t spent some alone time with each other in a while. A delicious meal in a restaurant with great ambiance can lighten the moods of both parties. If you’re in the mood for steak and seafood, try Hendriks Restaurant at the Toronto Eaton Centre. Sushi lovers might want to try KaKa All You Can Eat Premium Sushi Restaurant in downtown Toronto. If you live in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto, you might want to visit Neruda Restaurant, a recently-opened Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant that has the world’s largest wood fired grill. When returning home, make sure you take a taxi or ride-sharing program such as Uber if you are having alcohol. Driving while impaired could result in a hit and run accident in Ontario.

The above are five ways couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day. The most important thing is that both of you enjoy whatever you end up doing on the world’s most romantic day.


  1. This is a life-saver. We still do not have a plan for Valentines but a staycation in a hotel with netflix and ordered food is really nice. I just since we’re both too busy with the daily grind, we’d rather celebrate this on a relaxing way away from the crowd.

  2. WE always cook together and watch a movie. Our sons bday is the day before so now we more so focus on him

  3. Great options for spending a Valentine’s date with your loved one. We will be staying home this year. We both agreed to cook a special dinner for ourselves and try our very best to bake a Valentine’s day cake.

  4. Attending a cooking class together would be nice. Me and my husband love to eat, so learning how to make new dishes would be a great way to spend Valentine’s day.

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