Paperless Post Offers Beautiful Online Greeting Cards

Blossoming Affection Valentine's Day Card from Paperless Post
Blossoming Affection Valentine's Day Card from Paperless Post

I embrace technology in many ways; I mean as a blogger, I have to be well versed in HTML, WordPress, graphic design software, photo and video editing apps, and social media to name a few. But there are a some traditions I cling to. For example, I still love listening to radio, especially news or informational programs. Perhaps it’s because radio seems to create a connection that you don’t receive from TV. Another tradition I love is sending cards on special occasions. Although many people send e-cards at Christmas, I am a diehard traditionalist in that I still send out paper Christmas cards. I have to admit, though, that for birthdays of family members and friends, I rely on email, text or Facebook to send a ‘happy birthday’ greeting. The latter isn’t terribly exciting, especially if it’s a one-line text saying “Happy Birthday,” but I don’t really have time to send physical cards for all the birthdays of my family members and friends, except for my immediate family. That’s why I was excited to learn about Paperless Post, which is the perfect solution for people like me who enjoy sending cards the traditional way, yet don’t always have the time. [Disclosure: I received complimentary Paperless Post coins to try the service for the purpose of this blog post.]

Blossoming Affection Valentine's Day Card from Paperless Post
Blossoming Affection Valentine’s Day Card from Paperless Post

Paperless Post includes gorgeous templates for cards, invitations, and flyers that can be customized to make them your own. For example, you can change the envelope colour, font type and size, style of RSVP card and stamp. You can even add your own text to the inside of the card or add your image, but you don’t have to because the templates are beautiful on their own! Each card costs one coin and each customized feature costs an additional coin. I sent a few cards to celebrate the Year of the Pig to family and friends and each card cost 6-7 coins, which is equivalent to 60-70 cents. This is much cheaper than the cost of a paper card, which you can purchase for $2.50 – $5 plus the cost of a $.85 stamp. Also, how many times do you find a card that says exactly what you want to say?

With the Paperless Post coins I received, I plan to send Valentine’s Day cards, St. Patrick’s Day cards (yes, I’m part Irish), birthday cards and Easter cards. I feel that Paperless Post offers a more personal way to stay connected with family and friends.

Miss Out Bridal Shower Invitation by kate spade new york for Paperless Post
Miss Out Bridal Shower Invitation by kate spade new york for Paperless Post

Now, I haven’t even touched on the invitation side of Paperless Post. If you are planning a kids party, bridal shower, wedding anniversary party, afternoon tea party or even an Oscar party, you can create customized invitations from the templates on Paperless Post. For invitations, Paperless Post will allow you to track responses, bulk import your contacts and export your guestlist, track opens and send reminders because we all know that not everyone remembers to respond to invitations! You can also create flyers for events such as birthday parties that have amazing gifs that will really catch your guests’ attention.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not give Paperless Post a try?


  1. I use a service like this called Punchbowl and it’s basically the only way I send cards now. I feel like physical cards just end up getting thrown out after a few years anyway so this does the trick for cheaper/less waste!

  2. This would’ve been perfect for my daughter’s baby shower. I will have to keep this bookmarked for our next family celebration.

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